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Shrav's Paleolithic and the Neolithic

Awesome Project!

Chijimatsu Yei

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Shrav's Paleolithic and the Neolithic

Paleolithic and the Neolithic
Health and Longevity
By Shravya Ankam
Time Period
When did The Paleolithic Era begin?
The time period in the Paleolithic began from about 2.6 million years ago to around 10,000 years ago in numerous parts of the world.
When did the Neolithic Era begin?
The time period in the Neolithic began from about 10,00 BC and ended between around 4,500 BC to 2,000 BC in numerous parts of the world.
How was the lifestyle in the Paleolithic?
All Paleolithic people were hunter-gatherers. These hunter-gatherers were also called nomads. The nomads would live in small tribes and depended on hunting, gathering wild fruits, and fishing. The animals that the nomads hunted were normally mammoths, deer, bear, and bison. Their source of food would be the meat and the animal hide would be used to make clothes. They lived in clans of up to 20-30 people in cabins made of tree branches and animal skins, outdoors, or in caves.
How was the lifestyle in the neolithic?
All Neolithic people had to specialize in something they had wanted to do. Some of this would farming, making clothes, building tools, and much more. This made them finally settle down into one place. This means their nomadic lifestyle is all over. They would settle in abundant areas with calculated climate, usually near river basins. The first plants they refined were wheat and rice. The first animals to be domesticated were oxen, sheep, horses, dogs and goats.
How did the Paleolithic people make their houses?
Paleolithic people would make their houses in caves, but they also made their dwellings made out of straw, wood, and rock. Since they did not stay in one place for a long time their shelters were not enduring. They had different types of houses such as tents, huts, and the mouths of caves.
How did the Neolithic people make their houses?
Neolithic people would make their houses with mud bricks supported with timber. Their houses would be made of two floors. The top floor would be mostly used for storing crops such as corn or apples. They would also have shrines in their homes decorated with bull horns and paintings.

How long did the Paleolithic people live?
The average life span for the paleolithic was about 35.4 years for men and about 30.0 years for women in the late paleolithic (30,000 bc to 9,000 Bc).
How long did the Neolithic people live?
The average life span in the Neolithic was about 33.6 years to 29.2 years for both genders. The Neolithic had a lot of disadvantages about their health.
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