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What is Energy and Power Technology?

This project explains what energy and power technology is. By Tony Gaspar-Piazza and Michael Lopez

Tony Gaspar

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of What is Energy and Power Technology?

Energy and Power
Technology by: Tony Gaspar & Michael Lopez Field engineers-
Installs troubleshoots and maintains wide varieties of supplies and equipment.

Electrical engineers-
Handle the development of lighting, wiring, systems, electric systems, navigation systems, and utilities

Chemical engineer-
Takes discoveries found by lab chemists and determines cost effective ways to work with chemicals and get them produced What is Energy? What is Power? Power- the time it takes for work to be done or energy to be transferred

ipod-energy moving from battery to screen (invisible)

shoveling the drive way- how much force + speed put in to the shovel when snow is picked up

eating- the grinding and chewing of the food uses power Careers Engineers Positive and Negative Impacts How is STEM involved in Energy+Power? -Gas and Oil Drillers
-Power Plant Operators
-Field Engineers
-Chemical Engineer
-Electrical Engineers
-Nuclear Engineers
-Clean Energy Jobs Science- involves thinking of ways to find, create, and get energy
Technology-Without energy and power technology can't function.
Engineering- involved in making the objects that require power and use energy
Math- to calculate the amount of energy need to complete a task + calculate how much energy an object (ex: drilling) will create. Energy- being able to do work. Work is the completion of a task through the transfer of energy

Chemical Energy= Gasoline, Striking a match
Mechanical Energy= People, moving gears, etc.
Thermal Energy= Steam, Stoves, Matches, etc.
Electrical Energy= Ipods, TVs, Video Games
Radiant Energy= The sun, light bulbs, etc. To Do:
* Copy Papers
* Fax Sean
* Buy Groceries
* Get Clothes
* Get Juggernog
*save up for cannon( because cowboys couldn't afford them, or station wagons)
* Save up for Pack'a'Punch
* Join the Amish Mafia Positives: Negatives: * Our technology works
* We have the resources we need
* Jobs are available
* Creates new ideas * Uses up our resources
* It is sometimes costly
* Without it nothing works Conclusion Energy and power has a huge impact on our life today. Without out energy and power we wouldn't live. We need energy and power to complete even the simplest of tasks. How will Energy and Power be used in the future? There are companies that are experimenting with new devices and plan to release them to the world. They will change the way we work with technology and invent new ways of power and energy use.
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