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Fishy Marketing 1

Reading between the lines - our purpose is always to protect the public, the environment & the truth and any efforts we make to spread information are solely made to empower people and not to attack or discredit.

Shop Conscious

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Fishy Marketing 1

by Shop Conscious
Fishy Marketing
We will help you to read between the lines
Nordic Naturals tells us "all fish caught are done so through sustainable fishing practices"
Fish oil marketing materials
can be tricky sometimes

Planet Nordic has a few things to say about responsible practices
Spring 2013 sustainability document cont.
Who is on the National Fisheries Society SNP committee that is suing Peru?
Nordic Fisheries Are
Time to read between the lines
Lets read between the lines, shall we?
Nordic Naturals unfortunately doesn't utilize exclusively
fish. They use
fish too.
The sardines and anchovies caught in the S. Pacific off the coast of Peru are "
fully and over-exploited
" according the FAO of the

United Nations (The
FAO is not an industry-paid research organization

and is therefore unbaised)
in the
anchoveta population
has over the years affected the food chain, as stocks of hundreds of

bigger wild fish and marine animals that eat it have also thinned." -Associated Press 2013
most heavily exploited fish

in world history
" - U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization
Their overall population is
now less than half
its volume a decade ago, said Patricia Majluf, a top Peruvian marine scientist.
Nordic Naturals
doesn't even make their own fish oil concentrates
, a company called
used to be owned by
Pronova Biopharma
but was sold to the huge fishing/farming company
Austevoll Seafood
That's quite a "relationship."
Austevoll Seafood
is one of the
largest salmon farming companies in the world

owns around
38 fishing ships
6 fish
meal processing plants stationed in Peru under the subsidiary "
This independent company
Austral is guilty
of creating "
environmental damage and serious health problems
" in Peru.
was charged with
179 offenses
in 5 years time including illegal fishing, fishing for illegal catch,

emissions from factories, and cheating the catch weight scales. -Norwegian FBI
stands out with many cases of
manipulation of the regulatory weight scales

(that would be considered NOT following "strict quotas identical to Norway's"
Ponce, the pier administrator for Peruvian fishing fleets said in an AP interview: "
Twenty years ago we [local, artisan fishers] caught nearly 3 million tons of sardines (a year), now, they don't even capture a ton.
Apparently these marine researchers do not have internet access
Epax ships to Nordic Naturals headquarters
Wait, Nordic Naturals' HQ is in California?
This is just one company's fishy marketing story but there are many more just like it.
Ask questions, critically think your way through the marketing hype, and demand sustainable and responsible truths from your fish based product manufacturers.
Peru's President Ollanta Humala warned the
Peruvian anchovy is in danger of becoming extinct
- March 2013, El Comercio
Who are you going to believe? A company trying to sell you fish oil or the President of Peru?
If only the "total global catch" was used to make fish oil, Peruvian fish wouldn't be in trouble. .
Protecting the heritage of coastal communities by having them clean up the "
" fish oil

processing factory pumps into the environment?
Don't forget
is financially supported by wide variety of companies and individuals that want to
"increase consumption of EPA and DHA."
This includes EPAX, BASF Chemical, and big pharmaceutical suppliers.
Does "While the small fish reproduce rapidly,
their [anchovy] overall population is now less than half its volume a decade ago
" - 2013. Sound like a sustainable source to you?
That quote was by
Patricia Majluf Ph.D
, Pew Environmental group Fellow...
(she used to be the minister of fisheries in Peru)
"Well-managed"? You be the judge...
Sorry, one paper published in
is not enough to overwhelm the ever-growing body of evidence that this is
not true
Have you "heard"
the mainstream news reports
In the previous season, from
November 2012 to late January 2013
, it was estimated a population of
half of this number
at just 5.3 million tonnes. That is what experts call '
' not '
A one year spike in estimated biomass is hardly grounds for sustainability claims. The minister of fishing in Peru,
Gladys Triveño (IMARPE) says:
"That [biomass] has not yet reached the levels necessary to support the referred resources and be [considered] fully recovered at sea."
In fact, this estimate is "controversial" at best and is said to be higher due to government regulations

imposed on industrial fisheries such as the
Supreme Decree 005 of the Ministry of Production
And just
guess who is out trying to get rid of the very laws
protecting anchovy over-fishing through class action law suits?
You guessed it! Nordic Naturals' very own supplier:
Austral Group
(The SNP is fighting Peruvian regulations protecting the fish)
Are you going to trust the information coming from those that want to "increase the consumption of EPA and DHA" or join the people beginning to become aware of the facts hidden between the lines of this type of Fishy Marketing?
The fact remains, there is enough sustainable wild Alaskan salmon oil available to meet consumer demand..
All these companies have to do is change the way they do business and make the switch to responsible practices
(Nordic Naturals edition)
(The fisheries don't want to abide by these laws that enforce sustainability. They fight this kind of government regulation every step of the way.)
Weren't they saying they were sustainable back in 2011 and 2012 too? I don't remember being informed about the fish being below the "Cautionary Level" then.
This company is not an exception and is used here as an example of an entire industry run amok.
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See our shopping guidance page to view sustainable fish oil alternatives
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