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Lucozade bright ideas

We did our Bridge21 project by making our Lucozade bottles the shape of athletes with each having their own flavour

Amber Haughton

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Lucozade bright ideas

Main idea Bottles & flavours THANKS FOR WATCHING:-) Lucozade Bright Ideas We designed our own lucozade bottles
that are shaped as sport athletes with their
own flavours Discus thrower > Blackcurrant
Boxer > Caribbean burst
Gymnast > Cherry
Tennis player > Cranberry and acai
Swimmer > Lime
Basketball > Orange
Runner > Grape
Weight lifter > Tropical fruit
Pole volter > Strawberry
Soccer player > Apple
Tae kwon do > Kiwi
Rugby player > Forest fruits This Prezi was made by Amber Haughton, Ann Mathew, Bronach Hickey and Emma Keogh. Our Bridge 21 project Competition Win tickets Rio de Janeiro To promote the product, we are giving away ten pairs of tickets to Rio to watch the Olympics!!!
You and a friend can win the trip of a lifetime and all you have to do is follow these simple steps
1.Buy our delicious new flavours of lucozade
2.Collect bottles and peel of the wrapper to see if there is a code at the back.
3.Collect 10 codes.
4.Send the codes and personal information to us using our free postage service.
5.Check back to lucozade.com to see if you won.
GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Terms and Conditions Apply competition ends on July 10 revive lite energy sport types of lucozade This is how our bottle will look. It is called Lucozade Active Lucozade Active Get Active with Lucozade Active Price 1.50 Working as a Group We had a great time working together. We all pitched
in ideas. It was very fun. We listened to each other and that made our project better. Bridge 21 taught us about working as a unit and that way we finished it a lot faster. Target Audience Our target audience is people over the age of five due to small parts and energy content. Lucozade sales 2012 lucozade is the 4th most popular soft drink of 2012. lucozade had a 6% value growth. GSK plans GlaxoSmithKline have estimated that lucozade is worth up to £766million. Our research Lucozade Growth Lucozade sport is the no.1 sports drink in the UK and grew by 16% in 2007. Sports and energy drinks are the fastest growing drinks in the impulse market.The chairman of GSK says that the growth was because of how healthy it is compared to other sports drinks. Fast Facts The average household spends more money on soft drinks than crisps.
21.5% of soft drinks are consumed for health reasons.
The average person consumes 741 soft drinks a year. Not recommended for people with asthma or heart conditions. lucozade is enjoyed by many people such as Niall Horan Katie Taylor Tulisa Contostavlos Our Advertisement We thought it would be a good
idea if we made our own ad. We used Goanimate.com We also made another ad on a tablet
using a video maker. Harry Styles This is the lucozade logo !!! http://goanimate.com/videos/0x4t8kXJT-PE?utm_source=linkshare&uid=0ktRWOrPEbY8 This is how our product will be displayed in shops We chose music by Ed Sheeran
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