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romiette and julio

No description

Vanessa Salazar

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of romiette and julio

Romiette & Julio
By: Sharon M. Draper Julio is an hispanic boy who moved from texas to cincinnati. he moved because of gang problems. hes strong, angry, and not afraid to fight! as romi was on the comuter she was on a chatroom talking to a guy with a username "Spanish lover" little did she know that. that guy was name julio and they both went to the same school in Cincinnati they met up at the cafeteria. they also didn't know that they will both fall in love with each other julio kept on getting threatned from a gang know as the "Devil Dogz" they tell him to stay away from romi and not to hang out with her because he's another race then her.
' Romi is African American, she's tall and slim. outspoken, 16 yrs old Romi & Julio have to go through: FEAR- of water love- falling in love is ok and don't try and let other peoplestop you. Gangs- devil dogz Shakespeare- Romeo & Juliet the decil dogz kidnappes romi & julio. julio fights back but they knock him out and put him in the trunk and put romi in the back seat they took them out and put them on a boat all tied up on their knees first and pushes them into the water what will happen next? will they escape and come home safetly? or is this the end for them?
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