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Four Day Academic Week

No description

Meghan Dennewitz

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Four Day Academic Week

Money Attendance
Sleep Time Social Allow time to spend with friends and family
Pain Heart Disease Digestive Problems Depression && Mood Swings Obesity Sleep deprivation Decreased Immune System Eating Disorders Difficulty Studying Decreased Performance and Alertness Reducing your nighttime sleep by as little as 1.5
hours for just one nightcould result in a reduction
of daytime alertness by as much as 32% Diminished Productivity Poor Quality of Life Increased Risk of Injury Feel Rested && Rejuvenated Healthier Body && Mind More Time To Get School Work Done More Time For Yourself faculty students grades school spirit Fuel Savings Utility Costs Decrease driving to/from/on campus online enrollment fuel cost electricity water Worker Saleries Cut tuition decrease landscape advancements more free time for staff Better Mood Health PROBLEMS Poor Relationships Poor Academic Work Low GPA Irritability Better Memory Relieve Built-Up Stress Maintain Relationships Better Cognitive Function
In A Better Mood Decreased Chance Of Obesity More Time To Socialize More Time At Home Laugh Nap Healthier Body Weight Less Stress Eating Stronger Immune System Better Performance In Classroom Rest Exercise Join Clubs &&
Organizations Avoid Isolation Decrease Risk For Depression Study Goof Off Travel Go On Trips Better Brain Function Faster Reflexes Exercise More Pride && Passion For School Travel To See Sports Games Better Attendance During Week Higher GPA Higher Test Scores Quicker Grading More Time To Relax More Motivation Shop Go See A Movie No Redfern Visits More Time For Work Benefits of a Four-Day Academic Week
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