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English Plus 57/3 - My dream school

No description

Jiří Kučera

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of English Plus 57/3 - My dream school

There are fantastic classrooms in this school! Students don't sit in desks, but on armchairs in semicircle with teacher and there's an interactive whiteboard in front of every semicircle. There are only about 10 students in every class in this school. They don't need any books or notebooks, they do everything on tablets. Teacher isn't talking all time of lesson, students discuss about the talking with the teacher. There are great specialized laboratories for each subject too! Oh yes, and the best. THERE ISN'T ANY HOMEWORK!!!
School starts at 8.30 AM every day and ends at 4.30. There are seven lessons and some breaks, breaks are every time another long, that depends on students and teachers. There aren't lots of subjects, which must study all students, only English and basics of sciences. In basics of sciences, students learn basics of Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There is a lot of voluntary subjects. You can choose every sciences, which you want to study deeper than the others, ICT, Art, PE, Music, languages like French or Spanish (students can learn 12 languages!) and lots of others.
And the best part for end! There's a big canteen in the school, but there are lots of small cafeterias in the park! Some meals there are every day, for example burgers and chips, but there is a theme every week, such as Italian food, BBQ or fast-food. In the cafeteria, there are some sandwiches or sweet food, like cakes or muffins. There you can see that food is a great part of this school!
School is in the center of a huge park. In the park, there are lots of plants and animals for learning biology. Students can have their animals in the park during school. There are some swimming pools and tennis courts in the park too! After school, students can meet here and have some fun! It's absolutely perfect for games, sport or relax. You can be here how long you want, you can study here, read books or whatever you want.
My dream school is a very modern building. It has the shape of pyramid. It's all made of glass, so there's a lot of sun here. There's a lift in the center of building. It's very high, it's got 25 floors! In the top of the pyramid is principal's office and below it, there are other teachers' offices.
After-school activities
Students can do lots of after-school activities, such as Drama classes, orchestra practice and some sports. There are tennis courts, swimming pools and some gyms in the school. There are lots of absolutely unuseful subjects too! You can study TV series, PC games and so more!
Jiří Kučera
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