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Computer Parts

No description

Ethan Smith

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of Computer Parts

Computer Parts.
Parts that make a computer work.
The physical parts of a computer.
What is Hardware?
Computer Case
What is the purpose of the Computer Case?
The Computer Case contains most of the computers components.
Power Supply.
what is the purpose of the supply?
what are some of the connecters used by the power supply?
The Power Supply pulls the needed amount of power.
The ATX connects the power supply to an ATX style motherboard.
Sata Connector
The Sata connects the host bus adapter to mass storage devices
Molex Connector
Molex Connectors take DC power to the drives inside a PC case.
PCI-Express Connector
PCI-Express connecter powers the video cards.
Mother Board
What is the motherboard and its purpose?
The mother Board holds together many of the crucial components.
what does CPU stand for?
Central Processing Unit.
What is it's purpose?
The CPU is responsible for carrying out a sequence of stored instructions.
Video Card.
what is the function of a video card?
The Video Card processes the graphics.
What types of video cards are there?

Display Port
Hard Drive
what is the purpose of the hard drive and how does it work?

The Hard Drive stores a lot of data.
The hard drive on a computer at home is called C drive.
IDE Cables
What is the purpose of the IDE Cables?
Transfers information.
network card
connects to the internet and other computer.
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