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Bigfoot...True or False?

No description

Emily Horn

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Bigfoot...True or False?

Bigfoot...True or False? By: Emily Horn Where do Bigfoot live? Where Could someone find a Bigfoot? Pictures Thanks for Watching! Is Bigfoot really real? Who is Bigfoot? These intriguing looking creatures have been around for many years. Apelike creature who walks upright Large footprints have been found Scientists are not certain Bigfoot exist Found in forested areas At least 7 feet tall Dark, hairless face with a flattened nose Strong odor When has Bigfoot been around? Native American tribes have told stories for years 1811- first written report by David Thompson in Alberta, Canada 1967- Roger Patterson and Bob Gemlin claimed to see Bigfoot and took pictures of it Even though Bigfoot has not been scientifically claimed as real, some alarming evidence has been found. Howls and roars can be heard on tape...Maybe from Bigfoot? 1967- Roger Patterson made a film of what he believes is a female Bigfoot Why has Bigfoot not been claimed real? Could just be large bears or people in suits Bodies and bones of Bigfoot have never been found Some theories that Bigfoot is real are just guesses Live in mobile groups Mostly live in Oregon, Washington, and California (Pacific Northwest)
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