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Author's Argument

No description

David Berkinsky

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Author's Argument

- The author asks a question, which forces the reader to formulate an answer


- Italics

- "we" are.. This begs the question “who is we?”
1st Quote
2nd Quote
"I mean it's stupid right? Of course it is. But it's interesting how the book they chose to ban, I Am the Cheese, is about forbidden knowledge. What gets covered up, distorted. What we pretend does not exist" (95 Park)
Author's Argument
Ed Park argues that it is wrong for higher government powers to censor writers from writing freely and to prevent people from having access to what they write. Also when the writers are censored from writing freely it hinders the reader's ability to have multiple perspectives and think for themselves.
"But basically it's a minority of adults trying to place restrictions on students reading, based on whether the books fit into their particular form of morality" (95 Park).
4th Quote
"And the plot as a whole, too - about how you can't trust the government" (96 Park).

Rhetorical Situation
The Writer
An editor for many magazines including:
The Believer - reviews essays and interviews
Poetry Foundation
Part of the PEN Group
The Audience
The Purpose
To show the irony of the situation.
The Topic
who and what of censorship
Government attempts at controlling thought
The Context/Issue
The school in Florida banned the book "I Am the Cheese"
metaphor for larger issue. Books symbolize information and ideas
Schools that censor literature
not all info is accessible
a lot of subtle censorship
The Culture
"Minority of adults is a symbol
The minority of adults censor based on their morals
3rd Quote
"It's like the censors had unconsciously found the perfect mirror to their censorship" (95 Park).

Censors ban "I am the Cheese", hiding it, while ironically the novel's about what gets distorted in the world
The book metaphorically acts as a "mirror"
Censors able to see exactly what they are doing when censoring the book

a novel is censored because it brings up societal faults
disrupts government's desire for obedience
"I am the Cheese" proves that the government can actually be corrupting its people rather than protecting
those in charge try to censor the truth because it could cause a madness among the people

Students who have read "I Am the Cheese"
Those who are under the control of others
Those who don't have control over the information accessible to them
prevent a minority from restricting what information is available
use of pathos by creating a story around the point
trying to send a message of what is wrong
clarifies the argument and focuses on the main message
emphasize censorship's hindrance on one's ability to think freely
Pathos and Logos
appeals to those who have read "I am the Cheese" (pathos)
will understand what this "mirror" really is because they understand that its a metaphor (logos)

first book was about top pop culture moments
Korean heritage (visited there for 9 months)

describes the actual theme of "I am the Cheese"
clarity of the book's argument, that one can't always trust what they are told
book uses reason and support to back up this claim
consistency of this message throughout novel
raise awareness of the censorship that we don't really realize is happening
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