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No description

Arnaud Costermans

on 23 November 2017

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Transcript of MES - SWOPS Team

MES SWOPS Team tasks
MES Voice Switching network:
Nortel DMS-100
Nortel CS2K
Ericsson AXE
IN platform (number portability)
Legal Intercept (tapping)
2nd line support to BOT, POP-Field & NOC
Vendor support

SS7 Interconnect links (for carriers: Belgacom, Mobistar, Base, Telenet, …)
ISDN-30 (PRI) (for large customers & SME: 30 voice channels per PRI)
B-ISDN (Basic Access lines) (Soho & SME: 2 voice channels per BA)
VoIP/SIP-Line (wholesale solution for BASE nv)
1602 & 1611 CSC/CPS a-number validation
Free phone and VAS (service numbers) (0800, 07X, 090X, …)

Troubleshooting call handling & completion (translations) SS7, ISDN-30, B-ISDN, SIP-line service and or line status
Build, maintain, decommission network & services.
Ticketing via C.I.M. (via OCS for VoIP)
Assist Pre-sales and Project Managers by answering Ad Hoc requests regarding to-build or live services.
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