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Frida Kahlo

No description

Yamila Mansilla

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of Frida Kahlo

She was a Mexican painter. Her life was marked by the misfortune of contracting poliomyelitis and then by a serious accident in her youth that kept her in bed for long periods, getting to undergo up to 32 surgical operations. He had an unconventional life.
She was the author of some 200 works, mainly self-portraits, in which her difficulties were projected to survive. She and her husband shared a taste for Mexican folk art with indigenous roots, inspiring other Mexican painters of the postrevolutionary period.
Who was frida kahlo?
Home of his paintings
The artist married Diego Rivera on August 21, 1929. Their relationship consisted of love, adventures with other people, creative bond, hatred, a divorce in 1939 and a second marriage a year later.
At marriage they came to call the union between an elephant and a dove, for Diego was huge and obese while she was small and thin. On the other hand, Frida, because of her injuries, never had children, which took many years to accept.
In 1930, Frida became pregnant for the first time. However, because of the anomalous position of the fetus and the aftermath of the 1925 accident, the pregnancy of the three months must have been interrupted, according to the doctor Jesús Marín decided. On the other hand the doctors thought that probably Frida could never have children.
Marriage with Diego Rivera
Frida Kahlo
Hecho Por: Mansilla Yamila
In September of 1926 he painted his first self-portrait to the oil that dedicated to Alexander Gómez Arias. In this first work he undertook a dynamic that follows the rest of his existence: to reflect in his paintings the events of his life and the feelings they produce.
In 1927 his painting became more complete. That same year he painted the portrait of Miguel Lira, where he shows his companion cachucha in a very particular and symbolic background full of objects and signs that allude to his name. Barely a year later she made the portrait of her sister Cristina with very pure lines and very soft tones.
Frida Kahlo brief biography and paintings
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