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Marketing Plan

No description


on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan
We currently have a



Gold Tier Membership
will cost about
$150 per month
will give you a discount along with free sauna and tanning bed entry.

Silver Tier Membership
will cost about
$75 per month
will give you a 10% discount on any supplements you buy from our franchise and another 10% discount on the sauna and tanning bed.

Bronze Tier Membership
will cost about
$40 per month
will only include the fitness centre.

If you need any assistance you can ask one of our personal trainers or the front desk. Also, if you feel like trying out our gym before you buy it, you'll get a one-day trial to see what it feels like working out here!
Gym Memberships
Products We Offer
Cross-Promotional Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Fueled Fitness
We will be selling smoothies at an affordable price to those who do not have time to blend up a shake because they are in a rush or to those who forget their shaker. Some types of smoothies that we will be selling are smoothies with supplements such as Syntha-6 Isolate or pre-workout smoothies with supplements such as BPI Sports 1MR or Hemavol.
We offer a wide variety of supplements ranging from pre-workouts to protein shakes. Some notable, quality brand supplements such as BSN, Optimum Nutrition, MusclePharm, and more are sold here.
We inspect our tanning beds to make sure that they are working and safe condition. Whether you need the tanning for competition or just for a nice, bronze tan, these beds are there for you!
Tanning Beds/Sauna
Our cross-promotional strategy with
Woodstove Pizza
is that
our gym memberships will give you 10% off an order you make with them!
This will encourage people to go over there as they will receive a pretty good discount on delicious, high quality pizza.
Our saunas are great for relaxation and will definitely please you!
Our pricing strategy is to attract our services to people who love the fitness industry. We plan to put a markup of at least 35% on supplements to make some profit. Since the supplement industry is growing at a fast rate, by the year 2020 the fitness industry will benefit due to government initiatives to fight obesity and improve overall health. We help our customers build muscle and strength. We would like to have people leaving the gym feeling great with a huge pump!
We are also with a GNC franchise so
you will get 10% off with a
membership and an extra 10% with a
GNC Gold Membership Card
Chris Jarzebiak
Mike Jarzebiak
Niko Von Werder
These smoothies will be made with your choice of milk (1%, 2%, whole) and you will also be allowed to choose the flavour and any addons, if any.
Executive Summary
SWOT Analysis
Mission, Vision, Values
Company Description
Position Strategy Statement

Our mission is to meet our members needs and goals and insure that they enjoy their experience at our all inclusive gym.


Our vision is to break the stereotypes that surround bodybuilding and give a better understanding to people of all ages on how to make fitness an enjoyable experience.

The development of our youth and elderly are important to us. Physical exercise is the most common indicator of overall health, including social and emotional well-being. We also value everybody’s time here at our all inclusive gym and we are always improving as people and also as a business.

Improve your health and well-being by going to our all-inclusive gym! We have tanning beds, a smoothie bar, and a supplement bar all attached to our gym to allow for easy access! We also offer the best lifting equipment available in the Upper Victoria area! Join our all-inclusive gym today and get healthy as soon as possible!

Fueled Fitness
is a gym, smoothie bar, and supplement store that creates an environment for our customers to achieve their goals . We have the highest quality equipment available in Victoria. Our gym memberships are sold at a fair price.

Fueled Fitness
is located in the Greater Victoria area and our focus is for both the young and elderly people who are looking to improve their overall health and physical life. Fueled Fitness will create an unforgettable and amazing gym experience that should bring in new members on the daily.
Our company is based around a gym integrated with a smoothie bar and supplement store. We aim to market towards ages starting at 13 or over around the Greater Victoria area. Our supplier for supplements will be GNC and we will earn about 10-20% of their sales. Our supplier for free weights, barbells and dumbbells will be Ivanko while our supplier for resistance machines will be Apex. We are currently trying to sponsor a Mr. Olympia athlete.
* Strengths:
- We will have a variety of different isolation and high quality machines. We will also have a variety of dumbbells, barbells, lifting and weight belts, etc.
- We will have a variety of different personal trainers that will help you with your progress and assist you in reaching your goals.

* Weaknesses:
- We are new so we might not be known, but we should be able to change this due to our different advertising methods.
- Other gyms in the area could have cheaper memberships.

* Opportunities:
- Participate in a growing and competitive market.
- Expanding to other countries.

* Threats:
- Other gyms offering a higher discount/cheaper membership
- Other supplement stores offering discounts and sales to drive sales away from our gym

Event Marketing
One event that is sponsored by our business is that we will be donating 10% of our profits to the local food bank during times such as Christmas and Easter, we will also be donating to the charities Right to Play.
Television Commerical
Print Ad
Our business idea is to have a three-tier membership program for bronze, silver and gold. With each of the these memberships you will save money! With the gold membership, you get a free loyalty card and gold card which gets you free sauna entries and tanning bed entries and a free smoothies. Silver gets you a discount on smoothies and a sauna and tanning bed discount. With a bronze membership, you get a 5% discount off supplements and it only allows you to go to the gym and work out. Our gym includes a smoothie bar that sells protein smoothies and the highest quality nutrition. We plan to franchise with GNC to open a supplement store inside our gym! when you buy a gym membership at fueled fitness you will be able to get a 10% discount for supplements and tanning for being a member of our gym! We will also sell cheap and affordable gym memberships so everybody can live a healthy and fit life style.

ivanko $85,000.00
Labour 12.50$/hr
Apex $225,000.00
Smoothie bar $30,000.00
Capital cost $100,000.00
maintenance workers 13.50$/hr
Profit margin 60.00%
List price 150
Discounts 10% off for being a member

Drop in 13.50
Monthly Membership 110.00
Bronze (yearly) membership $500.00
Silver (yearly) membership $750.00
Gold (Yearly) membership $1000.00
Platinum (yearly) membership $1150.00
Personal Trainer $29.99/hr
Tanning Bed $1.00/Min
Protein Smoothie $5.25
Protein bar $2.50

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