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IA 2017

No description

Andrew MacPherson

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of IA 2017

Arts 2017

by: Andrew MacPherson
- Well developed programs that have been structured around our school facilities and our student base, not a one fits all approach
- Majority of programs have been edited and formatted to the SJPHS standard template style, ongoing process
- All new programs are written using the new template
- not unlike other faculties and other schools the increasing demand to move with technology creates issues as new technology is more often than not, very expensive
- learning spaces are 40 years old
- the footprint of workshops cannot be moved hence limitations with machinery
- storage for larger ITT projects remains a challenge
- increasing raw material costs add strains to budgets

Literacy & Numeracy
Declining Cohort
Negative Perceptions
- animation: pencil and cell based
- 3D printing
- Google Sketchup ---------> CREO
- programmable Drones
- the current core curriculum and our continual evolution with STEM and technology lends itself well to our Strategic Directions.
- we are fostering creative & confident learners through our group based projects that in turn develop the talents & capacities of each student for their progress into an ever rapid changing digital and technological heavy society
- the support for PL to equip our teachers with the necessary tools to continually provide teaching that is engaging and innovative, challenging the learning of every student
- IA to become again more actively involved in external competitions and programs that foster community awareness, involvement from parents. ie Solar Challenge
Professional Learning
- continued PL in areas of technology linked to STEM programs and graphics in Y7
- try and alleviate specialisation in subjects with possibly more VET training in M&E
- in house PL by sharing project ideas that work but not used by fellow teachers. Stage 4 Engineering PL training by AM & AC to others to strengthen course knowledge
- expectations are ever increasing. The community expects a safe haven, a good reputation in all facets, academic, discipline
- parents expect results through quality teaching
- students expect prepared, well executed lessons geared to engagement propelling them to their best results
- I see this as weaknesses as I believe this focus has dwindled in our community
- teachers expectations of what we wish for compared to what we achieve is getting further apart
- this is the challenge we face to combat the decline?????
- a weakness is lack of flexibility within the Engineering field. Only one specialised teacher, if any rotation of subjects is requested it would usually mean a subject will not be or cannot be offered
Primary Schools
- link has already been set up with SJPP to take VET workplacements
- Construction VET was involved in making and erecting ANZAC statue for SJPP
- future plans to approach various primary schools and see if we can incorporate projects that they need into B&C or M&E VET courses
- as diverse as our subject is our faculty is able to cater
for the majority of offered IA subjects through either
the resources at hand or acquired training
- we are continually looking at areas in which we can retrain or upskill and this increasingly is in the area of computing and its associated sectors
- EFA is now embedded in three Year 7 programs, two Year 8 programs and one combined Year 9/10 program
- all practical project programs cater for personalised learning through individualised projects
- this then ties directly to catering for any disability and adjustments. The disability is not just physical or mental but can range from skill set, prior knowledge, creativity
- PDP process is well understood by the faculty and up to date including goals and lesson observations
- any opportunity for higher levels of accreditation are taken by the faculty ie retraining in a specialised subject HSC Engineering and HSC Electronics plus courses to compliment and boost current subjects
- faculty are very involved in whole school activities
- STEM is an integral part of IA. It is not something new, we introduced STEM in its its early form in 2001 with our Stage 4 Engineering classes and it has evolved from there.
- Our lessons provide for hand on and mind on activities
- STEM helps to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes seen in Maths and Science alone
- Statistics show that STEM occupations are growing at 17% whilst other occupations are growing at 10%
- Computing programs linked to 3D printing and programmable drones are the latest to be added to our STEM portfolio
CO2 Dragsters - drag, force, speed calculations, maths
Bridge Building - bending moments, gravity, physics
Mousetrap cars - friction, bending moments, avg speeds, newtons laws
Trebuchet building
Solar powered Race Boats - alternate power sources. National Champions 2 years running
Competition from other schools

- what is our draw card?

- what can, what do we offer different to other schools?

- VET M&E B&C we are strong in both areas in respect to facilities and teacher qualifications

- a negative perception will linger longer than a positive
- continued active meaningful involvement in the community
- results speak for themselves. A changing clientele is driving our results, are we changing with them?
- a threat internally from both students and other teachers of the worth and value of an IA subject
- declining students = reduction in staff. What value are staff placing on their own worth to be an asset at SJPHS

- less diversity in curriculum choices, the extinction of certain subject choices
- stay relevant and honest with the needs of our cohort
- make decisions that are purposeful and sustainable for the gains of the whole school, not individuals
- be realistic, move with the times, we aren't SJPHS of yesterday
- earn your achievements

Bottle Rocket launching
- new literacy & numeracy standards are not the sole responsibility of English and Maths
- all our programs are embedded with a specific literacy & numeracy component
- the nature of our subject leans towards a heavier component of maths with Engineering, Metals & Engineering, Construction, STEM components
- the importance of upholding these standards are evident in major work portfolios that lack structure and grammatical correctness
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