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SBAC Digital Library

No description

Shani Keller

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of SBAC Digital Library

Eleven filters narrow content
Wealth of meta-data on each resource
Filters to Select CCSS Resources
Logging into the Digital Library
Resources have been thoroughly screened
Step 1: Check your SUSD email account (name@stockton.k12.ca.us)
Look for an email from:
Smarter-DoNotReply <Smarter-DoNotReply@opentestsystem.org>

Step 2: Follow directions on auto-generated email
Change your password
Answer security questions

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
CCSS Modules and Formative Assessment (FA) Resources
High Quality Educational Resources for CCSS Implementation
SBAC Digital Library Preview
Online clearinghouse
of CCSS modules and classroom-based, formative assessment practices
by select teams of educators with stringent quality criteria
Filter resources
by subject, grade, media type, etc.
All resources have
explicit links to formative assessment process
Eleven resource filter criteria include:
• Subjects (ELA, Math, HSS, Arts, etc.)
• Grades (K-12, "not grade specific")
• Attributes of the Formative Assessment (FA) Process
• Media Types
• Resource Type (Instructional, PD)
• Intended End Users (Admin, Parent, Teacher, Student, etc.)
• Intended Student Populations (ELL, SWD, GATE, All)
• Educational Use (Lecture, Game, etc.)
• Common Core State Standards

Applying filters produces resource "monopoly cards"
Educators are pointed to free online resources
Preview period: June 3 - Sept 30

-Access by login only

-Resources continually added

-Official site goes live in October
Clicking on a individual resource yields:
Connection to the FA Process
Student Engagement to the FA Process
Specific Connection to the CCSS
Learning Goals
Success Criteria
Context(s) in Which Resource Could Be Used
Supporting Evidence for Effectiveness of Resource
Principles, Literature or Research reflected
Each Resource Evaluated on Four Attributes
Emphasis on Formative Assessment Process
Definition of FA Process:
a deliberate process utilized by teachers and students during instruction to provide actionable feedback, which is then used to adjust ongoing teaching and learning strategies to improve students’ attainment of curricular learning targets/goals.

Four Attributes of FA Process:

Clarify intended learning outcomes
Elicit evidence
Interpret evidence
Act on evidence
Users can also collaborate and submit reviews
You will be prompted to provide some information to complete your user profile, including:
• Title
• Name
• The state(s) where you work
• The grade(s), subject(s), and student populations

save resources by marking them as "Faves"
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