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MR. S.

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Duchenne

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Symptoms: frequent falls, trouble getting up or running, and learning disabilities.

Causes:when the gene on the X chromosome is mutated. DMD is a mutation
Population affected and the option of being a candidate for DMD.
How is this DMD inherited and could it be prevented?
DMD is X-linked recessive, it is inherited in an x-linked pattern.

No, DMD is a genetic disorder there for it can not be prevented.
Is there a cure coming soon?
There is an international study which lends hope that a functional cure to this disease can be in the future.

Scientists are doing a lot of research to find a cure.
Duchenne Muscular Dytrophy is also know as...
Muscular Dystrophy
Duchenne Sydrone
Muscular Dystrophy-Duchenne type
Pseudohypertropic Muscular Dystrophy
The chromosome affected and the prenatal tests of DMD.
The X chromosome is affected by DMD.

Yes, tests can be preformed using DNA analysis.
The medical assistance and the long-term outlook of a child with DMD.
The patient must be examined and tested often.

The patient will only live to their mid-20s.
Treatments, cures, and the chances of having a child and them having DMD.
There is no cure but treatments may help. Treatments: physical therapy and medication.

Yes, you can have children. The carrier may not have the disease symptoms but can have a child with the mutation or disease.
The symptoms and cause of this disorder:
1 in 3,500 males are affected. Some patients with certain forms do not develop unit Adulthood/mid-20s.

Yes, anyone can be a candidate, you could donate money to foundations.
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By: Lilly Derr
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