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Technology and Medicine in Malawi

This Prezi was made for Dr. Martha Sommers by Team Web GVSU. It tells about the collaboration between GVSU and Dr. Sommers to make a solar suction surgery system and a medical app for Malawi, Africa.

Prof. Swift

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Technology and Medicine in Malawi

Technology and Medicine for Malawi, Africa
Dr. Martha Sommers

Embangweni Hospital in Malawi and Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in Michigan

Team Web GVSU
What did it take to make an app & S4 with GVSU
Info about APP
-Over 4,00 downloads since May

- 45,000 page views from 79 countries.
(10 pages read per visit to app.)

- Ads for app provided by Google
Solar Suction Surgery System (S4)
GVSU communicates via
e-mail with Ishmael Nyirenda,
Medical Director.
Dr. Heidi Jiao and GV Engineering Students Present Concept
Assembly instructions
before S4 arrives in Malawi

Team Web GVSU makes Mobile App
- Malawi Hospital Leadership
- Computer science students
- Engineering students
- Film student
- Management Systems student
- Business student
- Faculty and I.T. Staff
- Google Grant & Playstore
- My Family
- Movie Director
- California Church Youth Group

click screen to listen
Technology used to collaborate

(video chat service)
(cloud service)
Google Playstore
(net & wi-fi)
- E-mail
- Cell phones


Few Malawi Nurse Midwives are downloading the app

Not enough mobile/wi-fi capacity and too much $$$

Google 's Loon Project?

GV Students Explain S4
click screen to listen
We Meet at GVSU
Project #1
Project #2
from Malawi
The future
Exchange visits between GVSU and partners in Malawi.

- Light
- Positioning
- Suction Size
Ishmael Nyirenda
Team Web GVSU
Olvi Tole - (Computer Sciences)
Holly Malinoski - (Pre-Med)
Jennifer Mast - (Business)
Michael Angerbrandt - (M.I.S.)

Better Net and Mobile

S4 is completed
click on screen to play
No Power
Midwife App in Google Playstore
Midwife App
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