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Cerro Azul

a volcano project for science

sarah hardin

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Cerro Azul

A Chile Volcano Cerro Azul About Cerro
Azul Geograpgic Location Which Eruption Was Most Destructive ? When Was the Most
Recent Erpution of Cerro Azul? Shield, Composite,
or Cinder Cone? Fun Facts The name of the
volcano is Cerro Azul.
It is located in Chile. Cerro Azul is located in the
Galapagos Islands in Chile. The nearest city to Cerro
Azul is named Talca. The most recent
eruption was in 1967. The most destructive eruption
was in April 10-11, 1932. Now, since Cerro Azul has formed many cone shaped craters and calderas, it is considered a cinder cone volcano. Along with being located in
the Galapagos Islands, it is
also located inside a big
mantle plume. . What Is The Nearest
City To Cerro Azul? The population of Talca is about 200,000 . Thankfully, this eruption
was not that destructive. This massive eruption formed
a caldera 600-700 meters wide,
and 150 meters deep! More craters were formed by
other eruptions in the past. . . . . Other types include: Stratovolcano Maars and Pumice Cone It is located where most hotspots are in Chile . During this eruption, ash was carried hundreds of miles away Most volcanoes in the Galapagos Islands lack dominant rift zones. . Cerro Azul has one of the largest magma chambers. . . Magma in Cerro Azul is classified as pahoehoe just like the majority of volacnoes in Chile. . Beneath the summit of Cerro Azul are flank vents. . . Sources ........................... si.edu cornell.edu volcanodiscovery.com extremesciene.com volcanolive.com uoregon.edu google images google images google images huge caldera!! google images google images Pahoehoe lava Cerro Azul was originally a
composite volcano but
changed into a cinder cone later in time. Cerro Azul Talca -1932 eruption carrying ash miles away . The 1932 eruption did not trigger any other events. . _________________ _________ _____________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________ ________________________________ __________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________ __________________ _____________
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