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Section 19.1 Europeans Explore the East

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Sherifa Amin

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of Section 19.1 Europeans Explore the East

Section 19.1 Europeans Explore the East
Renaissance had left a spirit of adventure & curiosity
Europe had not been isolated. Previous interactions with other continents included:
The Crusades in the 1100s
Marco Polo in China in 1275
But this was different.
1400s Europe had a desire to explore new lands
For "God, Glory and Gold"
Muslims & Italians controlled the trade of goods from East to West
Goods came from Asia to Italy; who later resold them with a higher price to all of Europe
Other European merchants did not like this. They did not want to pay high taxes to the Italians


To gain wealth

To spread Christianity
-tension between Muslims & Christians
-wanted to convert non-Christians
Tools for Exploration
New technology made discovery and exploration possible
The caravel
New design of ships
Faster, safer, can be controlled easier
Developed by the Portuguese & used in their voyages
Based on a Muslim scientist's invention
The astrolabe
Helped in navigation using the stars
Based on a Muslim scientist's invention
The magnetic compass
Originally a Chinese invention
page 432 & 433
page 531
1. Why do you think Price Henry of Portugal founded a navigation school?

2. What role did the Renaissance play in launching an age of exploration?

3. In what ways did Europeans owe some of their sailing technology to other peoples?
Portugal Leads The Way
Prince Henry (1394-1460)
Later called Henry "the Navigator"
Wanted to find new lands & spread Christianity
Sponsored more than 14 voyages to West Africa
Portuguese explorers discovered the huge supplies of gold that Africa had
Traded gold & ivory with Africans
Turned to find a sea route to Asia next
Portugal Leads The Way
The Portuguese began trading African slaves
Bartolomeu Dias led voyage around the tip of Africa
Vasco de Gama explored eastern coast of Africa and continued to India
Prince Henry's Navigation School
Brought expert map and instrument makers
People were trained in map-making, navigation & science
This is where the astrolabe, maps, and the caravel were updated and improved
page 532 "Spain Also Makes Claims" not included
pages 533 535 not included

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