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Teams + teamwork

Social media

Joe Fake

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of Teams + teamwork

Officially recognized and supported by organization
Proper management structure with units, divisions, teams, or departments Formal vs Informal Unofficial group, emerges through relationships and shared interests amongst members
Ex. Interest groups, support groups, friendship groups, etc. Usefulness of a Team Types of Teams Committee
Project Team
Task Force
Cross-Functional Team
Employee involvement
Quality Circle
Virtual Team & TEAMS TEAMWORK Teams & Teamwork interaction feedback relationships Manager's Role in a Team Social Loafer - A member avoiding responsiblity and taking a 'free ride' ... Aviodence strategies include designating responsibilitites evenly and enforcing due dates
Personal Conflicts - These may arise, lowering team moral and creating a less What Makes a Effective Team?
Stages of Team Development Team Effectiveness =
Quality of Inputs + (Process Gains - Process Losses)
Synergy - A whole is greater then the sum of its individual parts Cons of a Team Success Through Communication 1. Forming - Initial Orientation
2. Storming - Conflict over tasks, and working as a team
3. Norming - Consolidation around task and operating agendas
4, Performing - Focus on task performance
5. Adjourning - Task completion listen understand conversation Supervisor - Head of a formal group
Facilitator - A peer leader
Participant - Contributing member of the project team
Coach - External convenor of a team Other Pros Additional problem solving resources
Improved creativity
Improved decisionmaking
Higher motivation
Better control over operations One who achieves:
High levels of task performance
Membership satisfaction
Future viability
Process Development....
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