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Ed Tech Survey -- Training

No description

Chester Kozikowski

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Ed Tech Survey -- Training

Ed Tech Training Image from: http://bivoyage.net/Training/tabid/992/Default.aspx How many of us provide training?

83% of Ed Tech provides general faculty technology training
81% of Ed Tech provides general staff technology training What are we training on?

“Any technologies that are asked for training on.” How are we doing it?
Brown Bags
Group demonstrations
Self-Paced Tutorials
Video Tutorials What are you doing? And the number one answer...

“Overwhelmingly it’s one-to-one at the convenience of the faculty (including adjunct faculty).” Hardware: projectors and screens, touch screen panels, microphones, iPads, scanning, classroom computers. Both: lecture capture, clickers, web conferencing, distance education, recording video and audio. Software: adobe connect and presenter, blogs, office, medianotes, CALI Author, student assignments, YouTube, polling software, blackboard, mobile apps, TWEN, camtasia, TurnItIn, social media, survey. What we do @BCLAW?

Group Demonstrations twice a semester. Spring 2011: MediaNotes and LexisNexis CaseMap & LMO.
Brown Bags twice a year generally. Summer 2011: CaseMap as a research tool.
Workshops every semester, typically on Blackboard and TWEN. Other topics have included Twitter and i>clicker.
Documentation is provided for everything we do.
Video Tutorials we've just started to use as a recap for those that couldn't make a group demonstration or brown bag.
Like in the survey, our most popular service is one-on-one on demand training. How do you promote Ed Tech? faculty presentations; brown bags
1:1 meetings with faculty
actively listening to identify other ed tech needs
planting a seed
never missing an opportunity "trolling" ho initiates ed
tech projects? Types of projects?
everyday projects related to what we support and train on
classroom renovations
implementing new technologies
website redesigns (school, university, library)
participating in evaluating new technology (with IT staff, university)
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