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Fashion Design

No description

Noelle Small

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Fashion Design

Final Career Project
Noëlle Small

Post-Secondary Education
After graduating Palmyra High School I would like to continue my education by attending College to get a degree in Fashion Design.
Their are many colleges I am considering. Two of them I researched are Moore College of Art and Design and Drexel University of Westphal College of Media Arts and Designs.
They are both located in Philadelphia, PA.
If fashion design seems to fall through they both have interior programs enrolled at their school which is my fall back career and second option.
My Career
After I graduate College with a fashion design degree, I plan on applying my degree to attain a position in the fashion industry.
I can work in either a small business or big corporation.
To find a job in my career that I would want to work for I would search online and on job hunting websites to help narrow down my options.
If I had to stay in Palmyra I would want to work at The Cinderella Shoppe.
If I were to relocate I would either move to New York City, or I would move to California because that is where fashion is known for here in the United States. If I moved out of the country for my job I would want to try to move to London or Paris where fashion is big in those countries as well.
If I moved to these states I would want to try to apply to David's Bridal or Kleinfeld Bridal whether it would be in the store or on the company team by designing different bridal dresses.
Skills you need and that I have for both of these jobs would be creative skills, form of perception, visual learning, auditory learning, some tactile learning can come into play when working in fashion, and you need to be able to have some sense of style and fashion when working in these places. You may need training on working with clients and what you may need to do when it comes to these situations.
If I get the opportunity I would try to work for a company like David's Bridal or in the Cinderella shoppe for a couple of years to have some experience. I would then like to move down to Nashville, Tennessee to open my own bridal shoppe to where I design bridal gowns as well as many other types of dresses, whether it was for a special occasion or not, and have appointments as well where people can walk in or call, and I would help them by designing a dress to their style and not my own.
My life at Palmyra
Job Shadowing
I job shadowed two designers in two different professions that I am interested in pursuing and receiving a college degree.
I job shadowed a fashion designer at Moore College of Art and Design for fashion design On October 13th 2014.
I observed the designer and I got to see what they do all the time as well as participating and helping students out with their designs and giving my input and thoughts on what they should or should not do with their lines of clothing.
In Fashion Design, designers create several outfits that unify key elements in each clothing article and this creates what they call a line of fashion.
I learned as a fashion designer you do not always sketch and design lines or outfits you also have make patterns and sew clothes. After years and years of experience you can potentially become a designer and have others make your patterns and clothing for you. Achieving this position requires dedication and the willingness to accept other responsibilities within the fashion design industry.
This is my top career choice, I have a passion for fashion and I am interested in becoming a unique designer.
Drexel University of Westphal College of Media Arts and Design
One of the top ten fashion programs in the U.S.
The tuition alone would be $35,135. When including room and board,books and supplies, and additional fees the total per year would be $53,920.
Some classes for the course would be conceptual design, presentation skills, CAD, manufacturing methods, and etc.
You would learn the facets of fashion on men, women's, and children's clothing to swimwear and contour.
The SAT or ACT are required to get admitted into the program.
They have a 74% acceptance and 25,500 students are currently enrolled.
Housing is available on campus and off campus.
There are many extra curricular activities available for students .
Moore College of Art and Design
It's a private all women's college
Some classes you would be taking through the years would be Foundation Design 1&2, Foundation Drawing 1&2, Intro to Fashion Design, Fashion Design 1,2&3, Fashion Drawing 1,2&3, Internship preparation, Internship, and etc.
SAT and ACT are optional, You need High School transcripts, need proof of more than one language (not including English), have to present a portfolio with 12 to 20 pieces of your original art work, and you need one letter of recommendation from your high school art teacher or your guidance counselor.
There is a total of 437 BFA students enrolled.
Tuition is $35,705 not including fees or room and board. Total with fees, tuition, and room and board would be $ 50,135 per year.
Housing is available on and off campus.
There are many clubs and activities that are available to students.
Job Shadowing
My second career choice is an Interior designer, I job shadowed an interior designer on October 4,2014. She works for the VA Medical center in Philadelphia, PA.
She showed me some of the rooms that she designed in the hospital.
While I was job shadowing I was actively involved in helping with the design of her current project.
The project was called the Snyder House Project. Its a four story building that was remodeled to house Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
I helped design two identical rooms one on each floor by picking out paint colors, artwork and materials that all tie in with each other and within the room and throughout the building with the whole theme being a nature like feeling.
Using earth tone colors helps the veterans to maintain a calm manner.
I learned that being an interior designer is not just designing rooms its going to the site where your project is taking place and taking an active role in the design from start to finish. This means sketching your thoughts, taking measurements, ordering all materials and design elements ,and piecing them all together to create a cohesive space.
I also learned that with this particular job that I was shadowing you receive a specific amount of money that you have to spend during your fiscal period or the money left over by the end of the year will be put back into a fund which is non-attainable.
If I am not able to pursue fashion design, interior design is my second career option.
My future
My goals for my future is to work in the fashion industry with a well known fashion company to get as much experience as I can.
I plan to live in New York City, California, Tennessee, or possibly out of the country in Paris or London depending on the job options that may occur for me and my line of work.
I would want to live in these states or countries because fashion is popular in those areas such as Pairs, London, California, and New York city. I would want to live in Tennessee because I love the state and I would like to start a business of my own down there as well.
I plan on getting married and having a family some point in my life.
My career goals will help me in my personal goals because I want to open my own business some day and with me going to school to get a degree in fashion design and becoming a fashion designer it will help me continue to carry out that dream. It will also help me with financial support by being able to provide the needs for my family to help us survive.
From my years at Palmyra I have took some tests in 10th grade to find out who I am.
I found out that I am a creator, helper, and organizer with a type AB personality as well as having an INPF personality.
Type AB personality is when you have a mixture of Type A which is a stress related personality and Type B is more of a laid back personality.They say that Type AB is more common and that a lot of jobs deal with Type AB personalities. The career I want to go into may push me more towards the Type A personality, but I know I will always be a Type AB personality.
INPF personality is someone who are imaginative idealist and are guided by their own beliefs. They see potential for a better future and take meaning and truth with their own individual flair. They are very sensitive, caring and compassionate people who are concerned about their personal growth and others. They enjoy spending their time finding their own ideas and values. They encourage others to do the same. They are very creative and artistic. The like finding new outlets to express themselves.
I saw from my 10th grade results some have transferred over to my tests in 11th grade.
I know that from experiences my personality type has not changed. I am still type AB and INPF.
I know my creative and creator have showed up in my tests from career cruising. Such as showing up through my skills, ability, and learning styles.
Many of them showed up with results of being creative in some way as well as being an organized person.
Most of the tests in 10th and 11th grade came up with similar results that relates to the career I want to go into.
Goals I set for myself is to continue to be who I am with the help of these different tests and try to get in to my career I am interested in and make a future for myself with fashion design.
Classes I can take In Palmyra High School are Sewing 2, Drawing and Painting 2, Two Dimensional Art, Three Dimensional Art 1&2, Advanced Portfolio Development 1&2.
Classes I have already took were Sewing 1, Survey of Art, and Drawing and Painting 1.
Designed Rooms
Places where I would want to work and live
My Sketches
My dress that I sketched and Designed
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