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Maniac magee

Maniac Magee

m t

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Maniac magee

Maniac Magee Chapter 1 Maniac's parents died when he was three, so he was sent to live with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan. He lived with them until one day in an auditorium he ran away yelling "talk!" Chapter 2 Everybody knows Maniac Magee started out in Hollidaysburg and ended up in Two Mills but the weird thing was, it took him a year. sure it was a long way, but the way he could run, it should have taken him a week. And that was called the lost year. Chapter 3 In this chapter maniac meets Amanda Beale . She has a suitcase full of books and she lends one to Maniac. In this chapter Maniac makes an appearance at a football field. He catches Brian's pass, does a touchdown, spikes the ball and passes it back to hands Down. Chapter 4 In this chapter a boy named Arnold Jones gets thrown over a fence into Finsterwald's backyard, a grave yard of frisbees, baseballs and one way boomerangs. Maniac jumped the fence, got Arnold and jumped back. Chapter 5 Chapter 6 In this chapter Maniac goes to the Pickwell's house and eats spaghetti with them. After that he leaves and runs on the railway. Chapter 7 There is a guy named john Mc.Nab. He struck out sixteen batters in one game using fastballs which no one could hit. Then Maniac came, got two hits. Mc.Nab went to the river, got a frog, and pitched it. Maniac bunts it and gets a home run. Chapter 8 This is the chapter when Maniac actually gets called Maniac. All of the kids were saying "he can outrun dogs, and hit McNab's throws! He must be a Maniac." And thats how Maniac got to be called Maniac. Chapter 9 In this chaper, McNab is mad at maniac for making a blemish in his baseball record, so he goes looking for him to beat him up. they chase him all the way to the west end, but maniac escapes. Chapter 10 Is this chapter, maniac meets mars bar, and he rips Amanda's book. Maniac gets the rest of the book back, but mars bar got the page. A lady with a broom gets it back for him. Maniac has now made another enemy. Chapter 11 In this chapter Mars bar comes back and tries to get the book again. then Amanda comes and starts kicking and screaming at Mars Bar. Then the both come back to her house. Chapter 12 In this chapter Maniac Magee comes to Amana's house and he meets the Beale family. They are Amanda, Mr. and Mrs. Beale, and Hester and Lester. Now Maniac is staying at Amanda's house. Chapter 13 Amanda gave up her room to Maniac. Maniac did a lot of chores too, and so Amanda started drying the dishes. One night they ate pizza, and Maniac got spots. They took him too the doctor and found out Maniac was allergic to pizza. Chapter 14 Maniac loved his new life
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