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All about taiwan

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Manuel lopez

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of All about taiwan

Region of Taiwan
5 Themes of Geography
The 5 themes of geography are how the people live. That is how they interact with the environment, there location, place, Movement, and Region.
The location of Taiwan
Most of the prezi will talk about Taipei which is North Taiwan. Taipei is north of Taiwan, under Taiwan is the Pacific ocean. It is west of China and is South of Japan. Exact location: 23.5 north, 121. east
The majority of Taiwan movement is a public bus and some people use a subway. Not many people use the road for themselves. The roads are for people who have motor bikes, regular bikes, and those who have a private car.
The Place of Taiwan
The place of Taiwan has many interesting cites like the Taroko National park. The cities of Taiwan is very amazing. Taipei 101 is a super sky scraper which is the World Financial center. It has 101 floors hence the name Taipei 101. There is also the Taipei zoo or the "Musha" zoo which is the best place for entertainment and research.
Human environment interaction
One big thing for Human- Environment interaction is water waste. Taiwan waste a lot of water like a waster water stream from a hospital. Many medicines were found in a stream where a hospital from Taiwan was part of the cause. This can affect us since about 3 percent of water is drinkable. ( 1% is fresh and about 2% is frozen.
By Manuel Lopez
The region is like location but it is more wider and more general. In this case, Taiwan is in East Asia and is bordered by the Taiwan Strait, it is also on the east by the Pacific ocean and on the south of the South China Sea. Its as simple as that! :) Yet the Taiwanese eat many different things like Beef noodle soup and Tofu. Yet when you go to Taiwan, don't call anyone chinese. (Explained)
Cool things about Taiwan.
Just to be jealous, Taiwan is one of the first places to get free wifi. Also they can get internet almost everywhere for free.
Did you also know that Taiwan has animated news. Imagine if CNN was animated. Yet, most of the news is not really important, and sometimes inappropriate. Though there are some important ones. They talk about the most random things yet. :)
Thank you
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In the Place of Formosa

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