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Nuclear Engineer

No description

영웅 Kim

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Nuclear Engineer

1.Nuclear power plant

2.Nuclear Security Summit

3.Nuclear waste site

Electric power generation, transmission and distribution 32%
Federal government, excluding postal service 14
Scientific research and development services 11
Architectural, engineering, and related services 9

1.What is nuclear scientist
2.What they do
4.Work environment
5.Where they work

I'll introduce about nuclear engineer's work environment.
First of all, the work environment means Physical and psychological, social environment, and one of the conditions that define efficiency.
Most nuclear engineers work in office buildings or labs, while some work in industrial plants.
But there is a little different. They work in different fields in industry.
For example, those employed in power generation and supply work in power plants.
About this graph in 2012, most industrial employment is Electric power generation, transmission and distribution. It take a 32%.
Federal government, excluding postal service take 14%,
Scientific research and development services take 11%,
Architectural, engineering, and related services take 9%.
Ultimately their work environment is safe and get a energy.
Job outlook and Prospects

grow 9 percent from 2012 to 2022

creating designs for power plants
growing field of nuclear medicine

improve a person’s chances of finding a job
Nuclear Engineer
Skills, Interests, Qualities
-Scientific research and development services

-Architectural, engineering, and related services

-Electric power generation, transmission and distribution

-Federal government, excluding postal service
What They Do?
1.Design and develop the processes, and systems.
2.Find industrial and medical uses.
3.Direct operating and maintenance activities of nuclear power plants.
4.Examine nuclear accidents and gather data.
Entry Requirements
foundation degree
Where Do They Work?
postgraduate qualifications
chemical engineering
mechanical engineering
maths / physics
electrical engineering
courses in university
specific to
nuclear engineering
and nuclear
What is

protect the environment!
Nuclear Engineer
: expert in nuclear power plant and radioactive waste management technologies
Graph : Employment
Teammate : 10201 Youngung Kim, 10206 Jaehoon Huh, 10216 Hyein Yoon,
10219 Yunju Lee, 10226 Hwarim Hyun
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