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What is Nursing?

No description

wendy campos

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of What is Nursing?

What is Nursing?
Nursing is a job in the medical field that focuses on taking care or ill or injured people.
Nurses work in many places including Hospital, Health care centers, Public school, Mental health centers, etc.
In this career you have to provide patient care, know how to communicate with patients and doctors, record data of you patients, and depending the kind of nurse you are you can supervise learning nurses.
There are 3 types of nursing levels according to the education you get

-Licensed practical nurse (LPNs)
-Registered nurse (RN)
-Advanced practical nurse (APNs)

Types of Nurses

LPNs are the lowest in nursing. LPNs are limited in scope of practice. Most only have a year of education that covers the basic nursing skills required for essential patient care. LPNs provide necessary patient support for RNs whose tasks involve more complex care plans.
Licensed Practical Nurse
RNs are in the mid level.RNs make up most of the nurses that work in hospitals RNs have a Master’s degrees in Nursing are likely engaging in an Advanced Practice Nurse specialty. RNs are required to complete ongoing education to maintain their education up to current date. For those with a nursing diploma or associate degree, returning to school to complete a bachelor’s or master’s level degree will allow them to move into APN.
Registered Nurse
APN are the is the highesAPN must have completed an accredited educational program with a master’s degree in nursing or doctorate degree in nursing and be board certified. While all APNs are registered professional nurses (RN), only those with advanced education and clinical training are APNs.
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