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The Tudor Monarchy!

No description

Allen Greenwood

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The Tudor Monarchy!

By the time King Henry VIII was in his mid 30s he began to desire a son. His wife, Catherine of Aragon, was provided to him in an arranged marriage. She was in her late 40s and no child she had survived, save one girl. Due to these circumstances, King Henry VIII requested that the pope provide him with a divorce from his wife so that he may wed another, Anne Boleyn (who was 24 years of age). Henry VIII becomes king of England in 1509 at the age of 18 years old. When Martin Luther, a young monk in Germany, posted his 95 theses eight years later (1517), King Henry VIII called attacked Luther's ideas. In fact, by the year 1520 King Henry had published a book called "Defense of the Seven Sacraments". This book addressed Martin Luther's "mistakes". After the short reign of King Henry VII, the first of the Tudor line, King Henry VIII takes the throne. King Henry VIII is very charismatic and has all of England gripped by "Tudor Absolutism". The pope denied King Henry's request and this infuriated him. In fact, he became so angry that he decided to depart from the faith that he had so adamantly defended! The people of England themselves would have little trouble adjusting to a departure from the Holy Roman Church. In fact, many like William Tyndale (mentioned previously...) had already pointed out the errors of the Roman Church years before Henry VIII desired a divorce. The English Reformation happens at incredible speed. By 1531 King Henry VIII declares that all Roman clergy shall become clergy of the "English Church". He also declares himself head of this church. What the pope was to the Roman Church, King Henry VIII now became to the "Church of England" Despite the fact that Henry's reformation was not one of conviction, the Bible still begins to circulate through England in the common English language. All common men in England could now read the Bible for themselves! King Henry VIII does not produce a male heir through Anne Boleyn and has her executed on charges of adultery. He then marries a third wife, Elizabeth, who gives him the son that he desires. Edward VI was only a child of nine when he claimed his father Henry's throne. Upon his ascension to the monarchy England was in complete religious turmoil as Protestant and Catholics alike fought against "The Church of England"-the only legal religion in England at this time. c. 1480s-1610s The Monarchy of the Tudors! King Henry VIII Anne Boleyn
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