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Hannibal's Background

No description

Brendan Conroy

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Hannibal's Background

Hannibal only had two brothers, another two brothers in law , and two sisters. As a kid Hannibals father set out to improve his families and Carthages fortunes. Relatives Hannibal's Background By:Brendan C and Jonathan E. -Hannibal Barca was born in the year 247 B.C. in Carthage, Northern Africa. Which is modern day Tunisia.
-Hannibal means "Mercy of Baal".
-Son of the great general Hamilcar Barca Death and Later Life Hannibal the Cannibal Birth and Early Life Here Hannibal is making a promise to always hate the Romans. -Hasdrubal
-Hasdrubal the fair
-Naravas -Hannibal was now 26 when he attacked Saguntum.
-Hannibal was a threat to the Romans.
-The Romans didnt care...
-During the combat Hannibal suffered big losses.
-He proved the Romans wrong.
-The Romans had a peace treaty... Saguntum (Hispania) Saguntum -In about 200-196 B.C. Hannibal is elected as Shophet in Carthage and makes peace
-The year of 195 B.C. Hannibal is exiled and joins with Antiochus the 3rd,king of Syria.
-190 B.C. Antiochus dies in the Battle of Magnesia. Hannibal doesn't know what to do.
-Romans found him and he poisened himself
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