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No description

Maha Al.blooshi

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of pilot

the pilot is meant to be the testing ground to gauge whether a series will be successful, and is therefore a test episode of an intended television series.
In the airport.
About an hour before the flight the crew arrives to review the route of flight, weather at the origin, destination, and enroute. They check the status of the airplane to make certain there are no mechanical issues that may have been improperly logged. They check the items that may have been fixed just prior to them getting that particular airplane to make certain that system works. While the captain usually loads the flight computer, the first officer does an outside inspection of the airplane for obvious defects that may have been overlooked. Finally, both pilots meet up again in the cockpit, verify the paperwork, fuel load, and verify the takeoff and landing weights are within limits for the flight. About that time the gate agent comes to the cockpit to advise the captain that everyone is onboard and waits for permission to close the door.
stay calm under pressure
able to listen to listen to very unclear radio transmissions
able to work in a team
quick reactions
you have to be willing to follow ALL rules
if you want to be commercial pilot, you must be a plesant person to work with
and , you must have the desire to fly. some people think they have this, but change their minds once in the program
Qualifications required
"Become a pilot" can mean a variety of different things.

If you want to secure the Private Airman Certificate, so that you can fly for pleasure and personal transportation, it will cost you about $5,000 to $9,000 depending on where you are and the arrangements you can make.

A private pilot can carry passengers and can add ratings for complex and multi-engine airplanes, but cannot be paid for piloting services.

If you want to fly for money, you can become a general commercial pilot. The basic requirement for the Commercial Airman Certificate is 250 hours total flight time. Virtually all commercial certificate holders also secure the instrument and multi-engine ratings, and most secure the instructor ratings
Positive ; good pay and pension etc, see the world, job is attractive to the opposite sex, particularly appeals to some
long period of training, possible boredom on long flights, some risks (but mainly in your control!), increasingly less to do due to automation
Is this function are Important in the uae?
yes,Because some flights and pilots need to because there is a shortage of pilots .

where can I work in United Arab Emarets
I can work at etihad airporT and emarets airport
Thank you for listening to me :) ف
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