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Theater of Change

No description

Shams Nour

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Theater of Change

Today's Focus
Scene 2
Six Thinking Hats
The Six Thinking Hats,
That’s the correct model,
To use for critical thinking..
There’s Green, Black and Blue
Yellow, Red and White
Made by the great De Bono
The purpose of the hats is to get people thinking
In the same direction.
And don’t you know..
White is for the facts, yeah
Red is for emotion
Green is innovation
And that’s just 3 thinking hats…
Remember the Black - It’s challenging -
It get’s you thinking negative-ely..
And Yeeeeellooow - is for benefits
And Lastly the Blue for the processes..
Scene 3
HRM 3120- Leading Change
Theater of Change
Module Leader: Dr. Lein Els

Ameera M00428480
Jemila Mahmood-Shaba- M00289398
Manahil Fatima- M00439221
Shams Ashraf Nour- M00387637
This Session will:
Help you reflect on how you have applied what you have learnt so far to real life situations
Kurt Lewin change model, CIA, 6 thinking hats.
Who will be graduating and who will be returning for their masters...IN HRM!!
What you need to succeed on this module
Be Present- physically
Be present- mentally
understand and buy-into the process and teaching, learning and assesments
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