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The Road Ahead

No description


on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of The Road Ahead

Choosing your qualifications
Key Stage 4 Learning
You have more choice about what you learn.
You have more responsibility for your learning.
You have more responsibility to plan for your future.
Guidance through the choice process
Some important questions to ask yourself
What is my ability?

How do I learn best?

What are my interests?

What are my ambitions?
Take your time
Look at your tracking and previous school reports.

Investigate the new courses on offer.

Talk to lots of people about your choices.
What can I do to help myself?
The Road Ahead
Year 9 Options
Advice from your form tutor
Advice from your subject teachers
'Drop-in' sessions with Mr Joyce
Speak to your parents/carers/family
Career Websites
Speak to older students in your HOUSE
Choose subjects you like
Research new subjects
Speak to your teachers
Speak to Y10/Y11 students
Be prepared to be taught by different teachers
Be prepared to be split up from your friends
Be prepared to be flexible if a course is unavailable
Choose subjects you are good at
Will I get the courses I want?
We cannot guarantee this. Some students may not get all their options choices for a variety of reasons, including:
a. Too few or too many students choosing the subject

b. Sometimes it is due to the combination of subjects chosen.

That’s why your 4th choice, your reserved choice, needs to be chosen carefully as it may have to be used.
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