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Christianity, Judaism, Islam Timeline

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t'ea dong

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Christianity, Judaism, Islam Timeline

Major Events of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
2000-1500 BCE
Abraham and the Patriarchs

1500-1200 BCE
Egypt, the Exodus and wandering in the desert

1200-1050 BCE
Occupation of Canaan, the
Promised Land

1050-920 BCE
United kingdom under Saul, David and Solomon, with capital at Jerusalem

920-597 BCE
Divided kingdom of
Israel (north) and Judah (south)

722 BCE
Assyria conquers Israel

701 BCE
Egyptians conquer Judah

568-538 BCE Babylonian Exile

20 BCE Compilation of the Tenakh

4 BC Birth of Jesus
4 BC
Birth of Jesus

27 AD Jesus begins ministry

30 AD Crucifixion of Jesus

70 AD
Fall of

95 AD
Bible Finished

202 AD
Christians persecuted under Septimus Severus

312 AD
Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity

335 AD
Church of the Resurrection built by Emperor Constantine

380 AD
Christianity made official
of Roman Empire

1099 AD
Crusaders recapture
Jerusalem from Turks
Birth of

610 CE
Muhammad receives
first vision
in a cave near Mecca.

622 CE
Hijira - Muhammad and
followers flee to Medina.
Islamic calendar begins.

Muslims capture

Death of Muhammad.
Abu Bakr chosen
as Khalif

Wars of Ridda restore
allegiance to Islam

Muslim conquests
(Futuhat) begin.

Khalif Uthman has the
Qur'an written down.

Groups of ascetics and
mystics begin to form

Baghdad "city of peace" becomes
the new capital of the
Abbasid empire.

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