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Swim the Fly Presentation

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Ravindu Angammana

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Swim the Fly Presentation

Swim the Fly
Main conflict
Matt and his friends have always had summertime goals.
This year's was to see a live naked girl.
New girl came to the swim team and Matt immediately developed feelings for her.
To impress her, he decided to swim the 100 yard butterfly stroke.
Will Matt be able to woo Kelly and win the competition?
As the story progresses, Matt starts to lose interest in Kelly.
Soon enough, he starts to date Valerie.
Also, Matt ends up winning the 100 yard butterfly stroke.
The boys' goal of seeing a live naked girl was fulfilled.
Literary devices
An example of a simile in this book is revealed near the beginning. Matt's mind starts drifting over to Kelly "like a misaligned skateboard." (Pg. 12)
Reading level
The reading level is appropriate for 13 to 14 year olds because it has a proper vocabulary of words.
Nixing (Pg.61), cotillion (Pg.327), hassling (Pg.145).
Would I place this on the TDSB's recommended reading list?
The novel Swim the Fly by Don Calame should be placed on TDSB's recommended reading list as it is appropriate for grade 9 students, it has great literary value, it appeals to the age group and its' reading level suits the age group.
-Matt: Lovable protagonist
-Coop: The troublemaker
-Sean: The odd child
-Kelly: The perfect girl
-Valerie: The sweet one
Literary value
Friendship conquers all.
Coop helped Matt win the competition even when it seemed impossible.
The theme appeals to 13-14 year old teens because it teaches them about the importance of friendship. Also, it shows how the best friends will help you no matter what the situation is.
The setting takes place at:
Matt's house
Elk Hills Country Club pool
the mall
Relationships between characters
Events that occur
Matt has a stable relationship with his mother.
Matt and Valerie are maintaining a healthy relationship.
Matt realizes that Kelly is not the one for him.
Matt wins the competition.
Language used
Matt's conversations with his friends.
Ulf's limited vocabulary of the English language.
This literary device does appeal to the age group because it is written how many teens would think. Therefore, many from the age group would be able to relate.
Given these points, it can be said that this novel should be placed on the TDSB's recommended reading list because it is appropriate for young teens, it has great literary value, it appeals to the age group and the reading level is just right.
Thank you for listening!
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