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The Patriot Act

Best Prezi ever

Allyson Ahlstrom

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of The Patriot Act

"Uniting [and] Strengthening
America [by] Providing
Appropriate Tools Required
[to] Intercept
[and] Obstruct Terrorism"
Patriot Act History of the Patriot Act Arguments For... Assessment -2001: Signed 45 days after the September 11 terrorist attacks of New York City.

-2006: Legislation authorized certain provisions in the Act. Included sunset provision for three surveillance tools: roving wiretaps, lone wolf, and Section 215 orders, commonly known as the library records provision.

-2011: President Obama signed a four-year extension to the Patriot Act, including search records and wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists. What is the Patriot Act? Designed to deter and prevent terrorist attacks against the United States
Increased and enhanced the authority of federal officials to track and intercept communications.
The legislation also incorporated critical sunset provisions to provide congressional oversight of the government's use of the anti-terrorism tools. Restricts terrorists' ability to operate within the United States.
Since it has been enacted, no large-scale terrorist attacks have occurred in the United States. At this time, please complete the assessment handout that each of you have received. Political Cartoon Civil rights activists worry that the Patriot Act curtails domestic civil liberties and gives the executive branch too much power to investigate Americans under a veil of secrecy. Arguments Against... Political Cartoon The Video A statutory provision providing that a particular agency, benefit, or law will expire on a particular date, unless it is reauthorized by the legislature Controversies Within the Constitution Fourth Amendment: Searches and Seizures

First Amendment: Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly and Petition Section 805(a)(2)(B): This provision broadened the definition in federal law of providing “material support or resources” to terrorist organizations. The provision added “expert assistance or advice” to the definition of “material support” to terrorists. Section 215: Enables government officials to obtain “any tangible things,” which can include library records, health-care records, logs of Internet service providers and other documents and papers. Section 505: Expanded the FBI’s authority to issue National Security Letters demanding customer records from businesses. The Patriot Act affected numerous constitutional provisions. Interview SENATOR G$$$
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