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Oliver Cromwell

No description

Basim Jaaskelainen

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell: The Hypocritical Tyrant
By: The Royalists

Who was He?
Oliver Cromwell was a low life farmer, born on the 25th of April in 1599. He was born in the small town of Huntington, of which town he later became a member of parliament for. He became a soldier and then later a became a politician/dictator. He so horribly took the throne of the great King Charles I, after he executed the king.On the 29th of April 1599, he was baptised at St. Johns Church, he attended Huntingdon Grammar School. After this he went on to study at Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge, which was strongly puritan. He left this school in June 1617 without a degree when his father died.

Why was He a Bad Ruler?
He was a bad ruler because he set really strict rules after Charles 1st was executed. One of the rules was you weren't allowed to eat on christmas. another was that he didn't allow sports such as football to be done. He killed innocent irish people even after they had surrendered. He banned MP's from parlaiment who supported Charles 1st .
What was the new model army?
The new model army was a group of soldiers formed to fight in the civil war. The new model army consisted of over 22,000 trained men. In this new and improved army oliver cromwell was in charge of the army. Charles was never able to gather army as strong as the parliament had.
How did Oliver Cromwell die
I think Oliver Cromwell was a bad man because the good reasons are outweighed by the bad reasons. For example it says that he killed innocent women and children even after they had surrendered. One good reason was that he only kiled what was wrong in his eyes. but he still killed the people, even after they had surrendered.
Thank you for watching! We hope you
Oliver Cromwell died from malaria and from kidney stone. He died at Whitehall on 3 September 1658 the anniversary of his great victories at Dunbar and Worcester. Oliver Cromwells head was buried near cambridge university under the shade of a tree in an unmarked grave.

Heres a video we made to outline the reasons
for whether Oliver Cromwell was a good man or not.
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