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Book Advertisement

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Brandon Smith

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Book Advertisement

Copper Sun is the story of Amari, a fifteen year old girl of the Ashanti tribe in Africa. She is captured, sold and sold again, and winds up on a plantation in the Carolinas. Copper Sun is a story of her will to survive the horrors of the slave trade. The Slave Trade Africa
Americas Ziavi "Amari loved the rusty brown dirt of Ziavi. The path, hard-packed from thousands of bare feet that had trod on it for decades, was flanked on both sides by fat, fruit-laden mango trees, the sweet smell of which always seemed to welcome her home. Ahead she could see the thatched roofs of the homes of her people, smoky cooking fires, and a chicken or two, scratching in the dirt." Cape Coast Castle "A huge stone door with iron bars slid open, and Amari was shoved inside a room with the rest of the women who had survived their journey. She thought she was blinded at first because the darkness was so total and sudden. The smell engulfed her next - the odor of sweat and fear, of body wastes and hopelessness. As her eyes slowly adjusted, she could see women - dozens of them - lying on the floor, huddled against the walls, curled into balls." The Middle Passage "Many will die," Afi said quietly. "Some will live but will die inside. But we all will be changed forever." Sullivan's Island "He checked every bone and muscle in her body by running his hands over her, noting flaws or bruises. Afi's back showed many flaws and he frowned with displeasure. He looked inside her mouth and checked her teeth." Slave Auction "Mold 'em into what you want 'em to be. All of them healthy and ready for childbearin'! Feel free to inspect the merchandise." Plantation "There's the malaria and the new-monia and the snakes, plus the mosquitoes and the flies and their maggots - all joinin' us to keep us company while we sweat." Fort Mose "Head south. Find a place called Fort Mose. I hear tell it be a place of golden streets and fine wine... It be a long, hard trip." Sharon Draper Copper Sun
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