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one direction :)

everything about them!!!!!

alexandria long

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of one direction :)

one direction!!! :) harry edward styles! <3 youngest member of one direction:
harry edward styles niall james horan! <3 zayn javaad malik louis william tomlinson liam james payne oldest member of one direction:
louis william tomlinson favorite food:
harry- sweet corn
niall- nandos
liam- chocolate
zayn- chicken
louis- carrots sweet corn nandos chocolate chicken carrots harry can play the kazoo!!! liam can play the piano and guitar!!! louis can play the piano!!! niall can play the guitar!!! zayn can play the triangle harry's baby picture! niall's baby picture! zayn's baby picture liam's baby picture louis's baby picture december 24, 1991 he is now 20 years old august 29th, 1993 he is now 18 years old january 12, 1993 he is now 19 years old september 13, 1993 he is now 18 years old febuary 1, 1994 he is now 18 years old harry styles facts: used to be in a band called white eskimos!!!
harry was the lead singer!!! harry came up with the band name:
one direction!!!
1D! harry styles harry can speak french!!! harry had his first kiss when he was 11!!! harrys hair used to be straight!!! harry does not like mayonnaise!!!! harry wants a passionate kiss in the rain : ) once wore only a blanket on a plane! Harry's first word was cat dusty Harry's cat!!! harry once had a hamster named hamster!! harry always kisses on the first date! harry likes girls who smile
and girls that are curvy harry is a flirt lucky item: green underwear harry cant live without his laptop and phone harry styles is a clean freak louis tomlinson facts pretended to be edward cullen after watching new moon for the rest of the night louis got suspended and had to retake year 12. louis does not like tattoos louis would love to date a fan <3 louis once showed his bum to his teacher louis loves shopping louis likes girls who eats carrots
and girls who wear glasses (fake or not) louis cant live without his phone
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