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CPD - Moodle Quizzes Training

@sk Session

Vicky Ahmed

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of CPD - Moodle Quizzes Training

Vicky Ahmed Moodle Quizzes Training Allows you to make questions which you can then keep forever. Question Bank You can create your own categories so it is easier for you to find questions e.g. Morphology, Phonology, Child Language Acquisition etc. Categories Once you have created your categories you can begin to make your questions.

Select the category here

Then click ‘create a new question’ Creating Questions Demo Question Style Question Name
It must be unique – you cannot create two questions with the same name.
Think carefully about this.

Type your question here

If you have any generally feedback for your question you would type this here. Question Creation When you have typed your question you can edit the font style etc using the formatting tools above.

To add an image to your question – click on the picture icon and select an image you have saved.

You can easily copy and paste images from the internet into your question box too. Formatting and Adding
Pictures to Questions For each type of question the format changes. This is for a multiple choice question.

Have a look at them and see how they change. Question Creation Cont’d… Don’t forget to turn editing on.

Click on ‘Add an activity or resource’

Choose ‘Quiz’

Click ‘ADD’ Adding a Quiz to your Course Insert a name for your Quiz.
Module 3 Assessment (for example)

Timing – you can choose when the student can attempt the quiz and how long you want the quiz to be active.

Grade – You can decide how many times a student can attempt the quiz and which grade will count.

Layout – You can decide whether to shuffle the questions and whether to have one page per question

Question Behaviour – You can decide whether to shuffle the answers and when you would like the students to be given feedback

Overall Feedback – You can decide on the type of feedback dependent upon the grade they get.

Click SAVE and DISPLAY The question bank makes the process so much easier as you can add questions at any point, even a few at a time, and they will always be there. DONE! Click on EDIT Quiz

You will see your questions listed.

Select a category.

Select the ones you want to add to the quiz.

Click ADD TO QUIZ Edit your Quiz
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