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Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack Project

No description

Jayne Spencer

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack Project

Act II is one of the most love filled acts. "Truly, Madly, Deeply" is the perfect song for this act because it's about how deep a love can actually run. In this act, the audience becomes aware of how in love Romeo and Juliet are.
Romeo and Juliet is about two families who were in a fued. Romeo, the son of one of the family, who already has a girl and leaves her for a girl he met at a party, Juliet, the daughter of the other family. Long story short they secretly get married, Romeos best friend dies, Tybalt dies, then Juliet fake dies, then Romeo dies because of hte pain he felt loosing her, then Juliet dies.
In Act III, 2 people die, and Romeo is exiled. And well, it's just a bad day in Verona.
Act V
This song is about a love that has been lost, and the sadness that one feels when a love is lost. In act V, when Juliet finds Romeo dead, she doesn't know how to cope with the loss.
One Theme/ Motif

One person VS Society
Characters - Romeo
In the beginning, Romeo says he is out of love because he loves Rosalina, but she doesn't love him, which has broken Romeo's heart.
Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack Project
Jayne Spencer
Sara Simcox

"I knew I loved you" by Savage Garden goes with Act I because it's when Romeo and Juliet first meet each other. It's like love at first sight, which is what "I knew I loved you" talks about.
Act IV
In this act, Juliet will do anything to get out of marrying Paris. Her parents are trying to contain her with an arranged marriage, and she has to rebel. In "Teenagers", it talks about how parents always try to keep their children in line, especially when they are teenagers.
Act I
Act II
I knew I loved you- Savage Garden
Truly, Madly, Deeply- One Direction
Bad Day - Daniel Powler
Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
These Four Walls- Little Mix
Everyone is against Romeo and Juliet's relationship because of the feuds between families. In the song "After All" talks about love prevailing over all obstacles.
Balcony Scene
''o blessed, blessed night! I am afraid, being in night, all this is but a dream, too flattering sweet to be substantial." This quote from the balcony scene shows that the night is too beautiful to be real.
bella notte
girls- the 1975
Theme/ Motif
Fate's impact
My Destiny - Christina Aguilera
Everything that happens in Romeo and Juliet is influenced by fate. In a way, it was Romeo and Juliet's destiny to meet and fall in love.
Setting- Capulet's Party
I saw her standing there- The Beatles
It's when Romeo first sees and meets Juliet, and it's like love at first sight for Romeo.

I think I love you - The Partridge Family
This song fits Juliet because she didnt know if she even liked Romeo. When he came to her in the balcony scene she realized then that she was in "love". She realizes that it wouldn't be bad to "love" him and marry him.
Main Theme Song
Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy
The song talks about a lover being gone, and how you have to say goodbye to them. In Romeo and Juliet, they have to say goodbye to each other on earth, but they may exist elsewhere.
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