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Google Analytics

No description

Jarrrett Wong

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Google Analytics

Gain insights that matter (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Key Metrics Types of Website Key Metrics Web Analytics More than 50 Types
Social Networking etc
Hard to classify due to overlapping classification of websites Bounce Rate- Landing Page General Sites
Key Metrics Time on site Unique/Repeated
Visitors Traffic Sources Top Keywords Key metrics Conversion Rate
Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate
Average selling price Key Metrics Depth of visit
Click through rate
Scroll Rate Why are web analytics
important? market share

of the 10,000 most popular websites. was developed from Urchin on Demand. . generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website A
M ontent Analysis nlaysis Tools onversion Suite dvertising Analytics ocial Reports obile Analytics
Page load time ( geographical, browers )
Click load time ( images, buttons ) Analysis tools
Intelligence report

Custom reports


Advanced segments Analysis tools Visualization
An overview of your reports from the various metrics Analysis tools

1. Assisted Conversions
2. Top Conversion Paths
3. Time Lag
4. Path Length Multi Channel Funnelling Generated from conversion paths, the sequences of interactions

Shows how previous referrals and searches contributed to sales. 4. Path Length 3. Time Lag Multi Channel Funnelling What happens: most conversion tracking tools credit the most recent link or ad clicked

In reality: customers research, compare and make purchase decisions via multiple touch points across multiple channels

- Gets an incomplete picture
- Misses out on important opportunities to reach customers Multi Channel Funnelling 1. Assisted Conversions report 2. Top Conversion Paths Case Study Is that good? According to Bryan Eisenberg, author and marketing consultant. “…it’s the people who can understand that data that really matter.” Happy Marketers
1 out of only 3 GA ‘Authorised’ Experts Google Analytics Consultants in Singapore: It provides: Installation,
Analysis Consulting Process: Tracking tool to separate A and B Results: B is less likely to purchase key
product Changes: A less expensive, flat rate shipping model in region B End Results: E-commerce sales in B increased
by nearly Web Analytics Visitor Recordings
Meta statistics to create visual heat maps
Used by:
Strength of ClickTale How long your
visitors spend
on each page How long they’re 
actually engaging with
your online content So which web analytic software to use? According to Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour A Day, “the quest for a single tool/source to answer all your questions will ensure that your business will end up in a ditch, and additionally ensure that your career (from the Analyst to the web CMO) will be short-lived.”

So in short, it’s of extreme importance to focus on multiplicity Multiplicity Know how different tools cater your business strategy
Using multiple tools gives you further levels of insight into your customers and your success rate.
Compensate for the shortcomings of individual web analytic tools. Is web analytics enough? The 90/10 rule
Without a proper understanding of the information these services will provide you with, it remains just raw data. BUSINESS SUCCESS Multiplicity Tools People It's Free Much faster!
24/7 Technical support!
Process higher volume of data! 82% 55% the terms they searched
(i.e. top keywords)
how many people use the search engine on your site (does it aid in your conversion rate?) Site search Site speed analysis Content experiment Variations of different versions
of a page Analysis tools Visualization
In-page analytics: shows you visually how the visitors interact with your pages
Makes it more convenient for the owners
Flow visualization: shows you the path visitors take around your site Provides the tools to measure metrics
Analyse the data collected
Plans to improve your site
Execute the changes
Repeat the above steps PAPER Overview Web Analytics Offers a more precise way to study online behaviour
On-site and off-site Web Analytics Dashboards Personalized analysis tools 48% 70% Page Design 1 Page Design 2 Page Design 3 Types of reports: http://www.inc.com/guides/12/2010/11-best-web-analytics-tools.html
http://online-seo-information.blogspot.sg/2009/01/history-of-google-analytics.html Citations of Info Sources 1 pg: 50 Visitors
2 pg: 20 Visitors
3 pg: 5 Visitors
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