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Recent Othello Productions

No description

Steve Grisoli

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Recent Othello Productions

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Set - 20th century Chicago
In this remix, Othello is an aspiring MC who escapes from the ghettos through his own musical talents. After rising to the top of the music industry he meets Desdemona, a beautiful and successful singer, who acts as the final proponent in his rise to stardom; and despite her wealthy father Brabantio's objections, she and Othello marry.
Othello and Desdemona are sent by Loco Vito, the CEO of the record label, on a national tour, accompanied by Cassio, a pop music rapper whose album has recently been published by Othello. Iago, a vengeance-seeking hardcore hip hop rapper, is upset over this decision, and Roderigo, the socially awkward lighting designer who is in love with Desdemona, plans with Iago to take down Othello. The Chicago Shakespeare Theater's Othello: The Remix Recent Othello Productions By Jeanie, Aidan, Peyton, Stephen This remix changes the setting to 20th century Chicago and charts the journey of the main character, MC Othello.
Modern (rap) language is used, though lines consist entirely of rhyming couplets
Main plot is consistent with that of Othello
Unlike in Othello, however, the object representative of Othello and Desdemona's love is a chain O (2001) Setting: Modern high school
Modern language is used, no Shakespearean verse
Hugo is jealous of OJ for receiving the MVP award (as opposed to in Othello, where Iago is jealous of Cassio for being promoted to lieutenant); Michael/Cassio is still a major part of the plan, however, due to being in favor with OJ/Othello
While Brabantio is clearly taken aback by Othello and Desdemona's marriage, the dean is very much aware of OJ and Desi's relationship; Hugo tricking him into believing that OJ raped Desi is more central to the plot than in Othello, though Hugo convincing OJ that Desi is cheating on him is still more significant
The object representative of OJ and Desi's love is a scarf rather than a handkerchief
OJ and Desi, being high schoolers, are not yet married In this adaptation, Odin James, or 'OJ' (Othello), is the star of the high school basketball team and the only African American student at his school. After winning the MVP award from Coach Duke (the Duke) and sharing it with Michael (Cassio), the coach's steroid-addicted son, Hugo (Iago), plots with the wealthy but lonely Roger (Roderigo) to bring about OJ's downfall by telling the dean (Brabantio) that his daughter (Desdemona) was raped by Odin, something that the dean could easily believe due to Desi and OJ's intimate relationship. Hugo also plots to convince OJ that Desi and Michael are having an affair by using his girlfriend Emily and a love-blinded Roger to do his dirty work. Othello (2001 television film) Takes place in 21st century London
Narrated by Ben Jago (Iago), a corrupt member of London's Metropolitan Police
When the Commissioner is forced to resign after using racist language, the Prime Minister appoints John Othello, the only black policeman and Jago's best friend, to the position
A jealous Jago suggests that Othello have Michael Cass, a handsome inspector and womanizer, watch over his wife, Dessie Brabant. He uses this opportunity to make it appear as though Michael and Dessie are flirting with each other
To do this, Jago seduces Dessie's best friend, Lulu (Emilia) to get information on Dessie, and later enlists the help of PC Alan Roderick (Roderigo) to testify against three members of the police force in exchange for immunity, to ruin the case that Othello is investigating Setting: 21st century London
Unlike in previous adaptations, clear motive is provided for Ben Jago's hate of Othello
Jago is portrayed as being Othello's best friend rather than a loathing enemy
Jago bears no hatred towards Cass; thus, Jago's plans is based entirely on Othello's downfall
The evidence that Jago uses to convince Othello that Dessie and Cass are sleeping together is a falsified DNA test; there is no object representative of Dessie and Othello's love
Roderick's motive for testifying in court is fear of being killed rather than love for Dessie
Despite these differences, overall plot remains true to Othello Productions of Othello have become less common over the past decade, but are still being performed worldwide
In recent years, modern takes on the classic have emerged having the same basic plot and characters but being reinvented to make sense in the 21st century
Despite this, performances of the classic Othello remain a common occurrence Works Cited "Chicago Shakespeare Theater - Othello: The Remix.
Chicago Shakespeare Theater. n.p., 2011. 9 May 2013. http://www.chicagoshakes.com/main.taf?p=2,76,9

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Celebs. IMDb.com, Inc., 2013. 12 May 2013.
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