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A Prezume

No description

Eszter V

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of A Prezume

according to the feedback so far
My skills
"Massive Writing Skills"
"A Coordinator"
"A Communication Engine"
an initiative, open talker

passionate in discussing ideas

relies heavily on feedbacks

really cares about people's opinion
"A Real Geek"
keeps up-to-date with IT trends

obsessed with social media

can work with html & css

can edit photos, sound and videos

a curious and fast learner
can write extensively about various topics

builds texts on heavy research

good at coming up with catchphrases

a catalyst at brainstormings

has excellent language skills

translation & proofreading experience
has no problem with keeping deadlines

has experience in coordinating 50+ volunteers

considers teamwork inspiring

lacks the ability of panicking


& roll
Lorand Eotvos University of Budapest

BA in English Studies
Trafo House of Contemporary Arts
August-November 2010

November 2010-February 2011
online PR
3 Years at
A38 Ship
February 2011-present
online communication

October 2012-present
of A38 Magazine
My history
First job in London

a small and ambitious educational networking startup
I seek to be part of something big, new and exciting and to work at a company with not only local but global objectives.

I can work in any environment as long as
I find inspiring.
You can find my contact information in my CV below
Voted World's Best Bar by Lonely Planet's readers in 2012
Hungary's legendary alternative theatre
Faculty of Humanities
Thank you for your attention!

Social Media & PR at
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