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Write a complete sentence.

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Yolanda Peoples

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Write a complete sentence.

Write a complete sentence.
Journal Time
Put a picture in your mind of a place you have been to.Use that memory to draw and write a sentence about your experience .

Pair Share:
Tell your partner "who" your sentence is about and what that person does.
Journal Time
Put a picture in your mind about the object. Tell your partner. Include lots of details. When you’re ready to draw and write, you can choose the most important details to use to write your sentence.

A complete thought is called a ___________________.
Let's start the process.
Write a sentence to match my picture.
Peoples use the word "I" to tell about things they do.

"I" tells who the sentence is about.
What is this boy doing?
We can write a complete thought by first telling “who” the sentence is about and then telling what someone did.
Journal Time
We can use other people’s names and tell about their experiences, too!


Tell your partner “who” you visualize and what that person is doing. Say a complete thought. Start with the person’s name. Then tell what the person did. I am listening for scholar talk!

What is important!
• Listen for sounds in words.
• Put spaces between words.
Capitalize the word "I".

Use superhero words that you know.

2. Draw


4. Read
What Can I do During Writing Time
Complete vs Incomplete
came to school
My brother.

Missing part of a complete thought.

Tell your partner “who” you visualized and what that person did. Start with the person’s name to tell “who.” Then tell what the person did
to show action.

What Can I do During Writing Time
I can use my experiences or what I know to create a picture in my mind.
I can write words that match my pictures.

I can write superhero words that I know.
I can read what I wrote to myself.
I can add more details.
I can write a complete thought.
I can use a pencil or crayons to create an illustration.
I can write a complete thought.
I can listen for sounds in words.
I can put spaces between words.
I can capitalize the word "I".
I can use superhero words that you know.
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