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Victorian Era Fashion

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jozo plop

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Victorian Era Fashion

Victorian Era: Clothes/Fashion


Fashion was a very important part of the Victorian Era.

Yet fashion was very different from how it is today.
Men's fashion 1860
Woman's fashion: Day and Night
They wore different dresses in the day and in the night for many reasons, such as: parties, weather and others.
Day time:
In the day time they wore dresses that had long sleeves, with high necklines. They also wore jackets that were three-quarter-length called casaque. It was uncommon to wear a revealing dress in the daytime because it was improper. Their accessories included bonnets, which were hats that tied below the chin and jewelry.
Woman's day time dress
Night time dresses
The night time dresses were different from the the daytime. They were more revealing; with a low neck line and short sleeves.They also had skirts that were bigger in the back and slimmer in the front. Their accessories consisted of short white gloves, hair decorations, jewelry and hand fans.
Woman's night time dress
Men's fashion: Day time and Night time
Men also have a day time and night time wardrobe.
Men's fashion: Day and Night.
Men also had a day time and night time wardrobe.

Day time:
Men's day time outfits were tight fitted, they wore darker clothing to symbolize importance and seriousness. They wore two different kinds of coats; frock coats and waist coats.
The frock coat's were calf length, and the waist coats were waist length. Their accessories were top hats, bowler hats, pocket watches and sometimes gloves.
Men's Fashion: night time
Night time:
Men's night time outfits consisted of tail coats which were coat's that were long in the back and short in the front, and their shirts had long collars. Their pants were trousers, and accessories were neckties and gloves.
Men's night time fashion
Children's fashion
When the children were in their earlier years they wore dresses, both boys and girls. They remained this way until the age three.
Boys wore dresses as babies and skirts up till the age of three. With their skirts they wore tunics, and small coats.

When the boys got older they moved on to wearing sailor suits, knickerbockers (baggy pants that went to the knee) and clothing that resembled their fathers.
boys in the 1860's
The girls wore dresses with a respectable neckline, and their crinoline skirts were calf length so their pantalettes (underpants) were visible.

As the girl gets older her dress length gets longer. At the age of fifteen, the girls style resembles her mothers.
Girls fashion in the 1860's
Men's day time fashion
Night time:
Thanks for listening to our presentation
By: Demi and Jacqueline
The End
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