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Social Media Marketing for Business

Overview of how social media networks are being used for marketing in the B2B and B2C worlds.

James Shaw

on 6 March 2012

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing for Business

Social Media Marketing people first. money second. James Shaw, Creative Director
Sharing The BIG Idea opinions knowledge stories photos videos music ... joining in the conversation ... that's already happening WHO uses Social Media? even if your business
is You Inc. Britney uses Twitter. Result? Question statement (with link) reply What's in it for me? Sharing Conversations Buzz Word-of-mouth Brand Awareness exposure to new customers/clients
increased confidence and trust in your brand
expand your circle of influence
meet new people - hire/be hired/collaborate
keep up-to-date on your industry
drive traffic to main website = sales opportunities money? Where do I start? Lots 'o friends! Now what? Benefits Show me the Figure out where your audience is... Then join them! You'll need a homebase Then hook it up! Ask for help.
Help a friend. Favourite Tool:
Hootsuite.com Strategist | Designer
Writer | Techie Write your bio (1 sentence | 2-3 paragraphs)
Get a self-portrait
Establish a homebase to connect it all together (so people can go to your site for more info!)
Sign up to relevant social sites and create your profile (most are free)
Start connecting with others! Wordpress.com
Fully Custom FUN! Email: james@twincreekmedia.com
Twitter: @twincreekmedia HAVE connect People feel comfortable
asking questions on Facebook! Everyone
benefits from the answer. Complaints?
Put out social media fire
with social media water. Fresh content automatically added! Mix in personal updates (show that you're human!) with business updates that link people back to your website for more info. Name the Marmot Contest
* promoted kid's section on library site
* involved kids and families
* promoted on Facebook and Twitter
Result? 3000 submissions on website
promotion of kids and family resources
Customer participation and community recognition
FUN! (brand positioning) examples... Huge selection of
business groups interaction! 64% of Twitter’s users are aged 35 or older.
61% of Facebooks’s users are aged 35 or older. Did you know? Online Marketing: 4 Parts if you don't like social media, find someone to do it for you for business
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