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Welcome to SENIOR Guidance

No description

Jennifer Berry

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to SENIOR Guidance

Senior Meetings
ALL Seniors MUST sign up for a Senior meeting with their counselor
Senior Checklist
September- October

1. Signing up for Senior Meetings

2. Senior Check List

3. College Campus Visits

4. Sending Transcripts

5. Financial Aid / Scholarship Information

6. Career Advisor

7. Letters of Recommendation

8. Go over transcripts, counting credits & required classes for graduation.
Welcome to SENIOR Guidance
Mrs. Thorton
A- Ha
Mrs. Berry
Hb- Pa
Mrs. Fraction
Schedule your individual senior conference with your assigned counselor
Plan to attend the 2016 College Fair at Legacy on TUESDAY, September 20th from 1:30-3:30pm
Pick up a Career Outlook for information regarding occupations, postsecondary opportunities and Finanical aid
Plan College visits (Teachers' convention October 20th and 21st)
Retake ACT
College Campus Visits
1. Make an appointment!
2. Be prompt and dress appropriately
3. Plan on spending at least half a day on the campus
4. Keep notes
5. Do not over schedule yourself
6. Bring a list of questions
(Teachers' convention October 20th and 21st)
Official transcripts can be sent from
Mrs. Davidson
Things to remember....

If you are over 18 YOU can sign the release; otherwise your parents MUST sign

There is a $2.00 dollar fee
Financial Aid/ Scholarship Information
Scholarships are posted on the LHS website
Financial Aid Seminar
November 7th or 21st 5:30 PM @ the Career Academy
Career Advisor
Laura Sturn

Letters Of Recommendation Request Form
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