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Self-harm and Suicide

No description

Dayna Densmore

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Self-harm and Suicide

Self-Harm Dayna Densmore Suicide And Huge social issue in The
Space Between by Don
Aker. Huge social issue
in real life too.
For some reason, they're both really taboo topics.
That's ridiculous! Some people don't even take it seriously. I know plenty of people who self-harm. Wonderful people, who don't deserve to be in that position. And it's not uncommon! In 2002, Keith Hawton, a professor of psychiatry, released a study that was done over a year with a total of 6020 students aged 15 and 16. 6.9% of the students reported harming themselves. That means that in a class of twenty, you can expect at least one person to commit self-harm. Just look at a blogging platform like Tumblr for a few minutes. You will probably be surprised by the sheer amount of self-harm talked about there. Statistics Canada says there were 3,890 suicides in 2009. I personally know 3 people who have seriously attempted suicide. The thing is, it isn't their fault. They didn't just wake up one morning and think that they want to kill themselves, although they were totally happy beforehand. Outside forces have largely driven them to this. Yet we victim blame, we blame these people for killing themselves. A good example of this is Amanda Todd. She didn't deserve to die, no one deserves to end their life. There are ways to prevent both of them. The biggest thing is listening. So many people keep things in, or when they try to talk they're just brushed off. Self-harm is a release, as is suicide. Maybe if people listened they wouldn't need that release to begin with.
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