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Apple Business Activities/Department Presentation

This is a small project completed as part of a Freshman Introduction to Business Class. Designed to help students explore basic corporate structure.

Micah Zhang

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Apple Business Activities/Department Presentation

The Marketing Department is in charge of increasing the appeal of Apple's products to a wide range of consumers and is essentially the advertising branch of the company. Crucial to company expansion and health, the marketing department seeks to maximize exposure.
Sales Department
The Sales Department at Apple is responsible for setting up stores online as well as physically and helping costumers.
Human Resources

The Human Resources Department has is the branch of the company concerned with corporate ethics and employee relations.
Source of Profit
Operations Department
Marketing Dept.
Finance Department
Apple's primary products are electronics (I-Phone, I-Pod, and Mac). All other internal functions (design and software production) serve to increase the functionality of its electronics.

The Operations department at Apple is responsible for end-to-end Supply Chain Management making sure that the products Apple sells are in good condition.
1. Employee Salary: In order to design, develop and perfect its hardware and software, Apple hires approximately 80,000 employees.
2. Production Costs: Apple does not actually manufacture its own products. Instead, it outsources the labor overseas.
3. Marketing and Advertisements: Apple spends a significant amount of profit on product promotion.
In 2014, Apple's total expenses equaled nearly 88 billion dollars.
Apple earns its revenue from product sales, paid software subscriptions, and royalties.
Apple's total revenue in 2014 was over 156 billion dollars.
Gross Profit
Apple's Gross Profit in 2015 was 68 billion dollars.
Typical marketing careers include:
1. Advertising Account Executive
2. Advertising Account Planner
3. Advertising Art Director
4. Advertising Copywriter.
5. Market Researcher
6. Media Planner
Hiring Requirements
Typical Qualifications for a Marketing Employee:
1. At least a bachelor degree in business administration, marketing, advertising, public relations, communications, or graphic design.
2. Fluency in a second language.
3. Confidence and the ability to make sound decisions.
4. Problem Solving Skills and Creativity
5. Computer Proficiency in collecting and analyzing data, managing finances, graphic designing, building websites, storing customer and client information, etc.
Philip W. Schiller is Apple's current Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.
The Human Resources Department has three main functions:
The Human Resources Department is responsible for employee salaries, wages, and benefits. Not only do they draft letters of employment or employee contracts, but they may also track vacation time and pay and holiday schedules.
The HR Department will also place advertisements for new employees, attend job fairs, d handle other recruiting duties. In addition, the HR will typically view resumes, check references, and even conduct interviews
Employee Relations and Performance
The Human Resources Department will conduct employee reviews, manage complaints, and resolve disputes.
Depending on the company, the Human Resources Department will monitor corporate compliance with federal and state laws.
Christensen, Maria. "What Does the Human Resources Department Do?" <i>Small Business</i>. Demand Media, 2015. Web. 30 Aug. 2015.

Hoover, Joan. "Apple - Press Info - Apple Reports Record Third Quarter Results." <i>Apple - Press Info - Apple Reports Record Third Quarter Results</i>. Apple Inc., 2015. Web. 30 Aug. 2015.

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1. HR Generalist: Partakes in various Human Resources Activities.
2. Compensation Professional: Help company attract, retain, and motivate employees.
3. HRIS Professional (Human Resources Information Systems): Computer Related HR Tasks
Hiring Requirements
There are two main requirements for a Human Resource Manager:
1. A Bachelor's Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources.
2. Work Experience

Typical Sales careers are...
1. Product Manager
2. Marketing Strategies Manager
3.Advertising Director
4. Public Relations Director 5.Promotion Director
6. Staff

The finance dept. at Apple manages Apple's funds and reports.
Typical careers in Operations are...
1.Operations Manager
2.Crew Lead
3.Production Team
4.Account Manager
5.Costumer Care Specialist

Hiring Requirements
Typical qualifications for an Operating employee are...
1. Previous experience in the field
2. Demonstrated knowledge of standard Unix applications and services such as Apache,SSH, NFS, etc.
3. Familiarity with scripting language
4. Flexible team player
5. Attention to detail and excellent written and verbal communication skills
6. Ability to analyze, adapt to, and find a creative solution to a problem
The Operating Department at Apple is currently headed by Jeff Williams.
Hiring Requirements
Typical qualifications for a sales employee are...
1. Previous Sales Experience
2. Presentation Skills
3. Client Relationship
4. Negotiating Skills
5.Prospecting Skills
6. Planning
7. Creativity

Angela Ahrendts is currently in charge of Apple's sales Department
1. Master of Business Administration
2. Chartered Financial Analyst
3. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
The Finance Department at Apple is currently led by Luca Maestri
Typical Finance Job Requirements are...
1. Four years of experience
2. Good with numbers and people
3. Expereince with Microsoft, Outlook, and and PowerPoint
4. Organized
5. Excellent verbal skills.
Denise Young Smith is Apple's current Vice President of Worldwide Human Resuources.
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