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END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

myth busters

Angela Bieber<33

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're going to die?
How it started..
The Mayans
How the world was
suppose to end
Not the first lie
How the Mayans assumed the end
of the world
Ever wondered about the end of the world rumor... well the Mayans predicted and were very sure the world was going to end on December 21st, 2012. The Mayans made some calculations that had to do with their Mayan Calendar, and we're going to be explaining why the world didn't end.
For those curious minds who wondered how the Mayans just declared the end of the world. Just like our Gregorian calendar, the Mayans had cycles like us too, the reason they assumed the end of the world was because they're calendar ended December 21st 2012. The Mayans couldn't predict what came after.As We've told you before, there are 5 five calendars one being the Mayan calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the Roman calendar, the Chinese calendar, and the Julian calendar.I've also told you the Mayan calendar was most accurate. Thats the reason people actually believed it... because it was most accurate, but guess not.
December 21st 2012 was not the first time people stated that the world was going to end. This false rumor happened over 100 times. On May 5th 2000 everybody claimed that the world was over because all of the planets were in alignment, also that it was brought to attention in 2000 that the computers were not going to be able to handle the new millennium year. Obviously it did not end all the other times all well as this one.
According to NASA the world will not end on December 21st, 2012. NASA has confirmed that the world will not end because if there were any super natural cause that could end the world such as an asteroid, they would would have seen it and predicted a lot in advance.
What is the Mayan Calender
End of the world 2012
A lot of people may think, since its called the Maya Calendar, the Mayans own it, but no. Around 2000 BC until the 16th century, it was created by the pre- Colombian. Then the calendar passed on to the Mayans. When the pre- Colombians passed it on, the Mayans developed the calendar, and it is still in use in some places. There are 5 types of calendars, the Gregorian calendar, the Mayan calendar, the Chinese calendar, the Roman calendar, and the Julian calendar. Out of all calendars, most people say the Mayan calendar is most accurate, even more accurate than the Gregorian calendar. On the Mayan calendar, there were only 20 days.
Some astronomers said the Earth will change its rotation, clearly that isn't possible at all, there is no prove at all the earth will stop moving then reverse. They said many things like asteroids were going to attack, but NASA would know in advance. They said the sun was going to break into pieces, but NASA would already know that too. They said many things like volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, tsunamis, and many more things, but you can obviously see nothing like that happened... hopefully. Even if the world ends, dont worry you can live a lot more. According to most scienest the world will end in about 500 million years. The mayans and some scientests said a planet called "Nibru" will collide will planet Earth, which is the cause of the end of the world, but many astronomers and astronauts have confirmed there is no planet "Nibru."
This whole theory happened because the Mayans calender was supposed to end December 21st 2012.They didn't have resources or proper intelligence so, scientists couldn't confirm that the end of the world was true.
To conclude our theory, with all these reasons, you can now obviously know the end of the world was just a rumor, and the fact were clearly alive at the moment, should be proof enough by it self!!! So we hope you enjoyed our presentation, and learnt a lot from it too, thank you for watching! :)
By: Rosalia, Christine, Angela, Namira, and Natalya
By: Rosalia V.
By: Christine D. and Angela I.
By Namira K.
By: Namira K.
Quick fact by Rosalia
By: Namira K.
By: Natalya K.
Do you believe us?
By: Rosalia V.
1) http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html#mayans
2) http://www.december212012.com/articles/editors_notes/Is_the_world_really_going_to_end_on_December_21_2012.htm
Read by Rosalia...
read by Angela...
read by Christine
read by Namira...
read by Rosalia...
Read by Namira...
read by angela...
Read by Natalya
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