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Food packaging

No description

kriti goyal

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Food packaging

Airport Mother
Dairy Chandni chowk Liquor
shop Bakery Railway
station Home
Home Delhi One fine day... ... he decided to visit India
& try all kinds of food there! Name:




Known for: Food Critic Mr. Anton Ego 38 yrs Isha Arora
Kriti Goyal
Monika Bansal
Palaash Chaudhary
Shikha Prasad Presented by Food Packaging His role in Ratatouille! French Packed food
in the plane while Mr. Ego takes a food walk,
we'll just concentrate on its packaging... Time: 10:30 pm
Place: Airplane

Mr. Ego is on his way to India... Time: 7:00 am
Place: Mc Donalds

He stops at a fast food restaurant to have his breakfast... While walking on the streets he feels thirsty, so he buys some chips and a bottle of water from a kiosk... Time: 1:00 pm
Place: Chandni chowk

Mr. Ego wanted to try the Indian 'dhaaba' for his afternoon meal... Time: 3:10 pm
Place: Dairy shop

Tired of traveling through the market, he thought of having a refreshing bottle of 'badam' milk... Time: 4:00 pm
Place: Supermarket

Mr. Ego now invites his friends in India to his place for dinner. So he goes for some grocery shopping... Time: 6:00 am
Place: Liquor shop

While going back to his house, he stops by a liquor shop to buy some hard drinks... Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Mr. Ego's house in India

His friends come over and give him his favorite chocolates... Time: 10:30 pm
Place: Bakery

After dinner, Mr. Ego orders some cakes and puddings for the dessert from the nearest bakery... Time: 6:00 am
Place: Rajdhani Express

Next day, our food critic goes to another city to explore some new local cuisines... The End! I'm
impressed! I'm
impressed! I'm
impressed! I'm
impressed! I'm
impressed! I'm
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